Just last week, I visited some college friends who have moved to Phoenix, AZ. Truth be told, they have invited me several times over the years to go and visit but I have always been wary of the hot temperatures in the city.


But finally, after a couple of years of stalling, I visited Phoenix. The drive was a bit eventful. On the way to the city, my car brakes broke down so my first experience was really to find a shop that specializes in Phoenix Brake Repair.


But aside from that one little hump which was actually fixed immediately, I was wonderfully surprised by the beauty of Phoenix. I never realized that there are lots of things to do in the city and the hot temperature will not detract from your enjoyment.


So just to give you some sort of a bird’s eye on what you can enjoy in Phoenix, see a list of the places I visited below:


  1. Phoenix zoo


I am not really a fan of zoos but my friends dragged me to the Phoenix zoo. As I have been saying, the city really has a lot of pleasant surprises and the zoo is one of them. It has more than 1,200 animals so it’s really a fun place to spend time especially if you have kids. As an added feature, the zoo also showcases light sculptures and music at night during the months of November to December.


  1. Las Noches de las Luminarias


I was very fortunate to experience the Arizona Botanical Gardens’ Las Noches de las Luminarias. The place was lighted by more than 8,000 lights all over the garden. This particular event only happens once a year, only for two months, from November to December.


  1. Dobbins Point


If you want to see a bird’s eye view of the magnificence of Phoenix, head on to Dobbins Point. It is the biggest municipal park in the United States with breathtaking views of the Valley of the Sun. Here you can observe the changing colors of Phoenix and the beautiful sunsets.


  1. Soleri Bridge


A nice landmark in the area is the Soleri Bridge and Plaza. It has been designed by Italian architect Paolo Soleri to mark the equinox and the summer solstice. Therefore, while it is beautiful to look at any time, I believe it would be better to see it during those times of the year.


  1. Hole in the Rock

Visit the Hole in the Rock at the Papago Park in Phoenix. This area offers beautiful views of the city, including scenes of the mountains. You can even bring a picnic hamper and spend some time just taking in the views.


  1. Petroglyph Plaza


Do you want to take in a wonderful view of downtown Phoenix? Head off to Waddell’s Waterfall Trail in White Tank Mountain Regional Park. Here, you can even see the Petroglyph Plaza, made up of Hohokam rock art which features ancient drawings of humans, animals and nature.