Monday, 4 November 2013

Craft Crush - Julie From Tillyflop designs

This year while exhibiting at Yarndale, I got to meet the very lovely Julie Nelson Rhodes, luckily for me her stand was next door to mine, so I managed to talk her into doing a quick five question interview with me!

As a geeky fibre enthusiast , I am always on the look out for awesome merchandise  to do with my obsession  love of  knitting and yarn, and I really love Julie's fresh and contemporary designs so I  am really excited to share them with you. 

Julie sales her awesomeness via Etsy  and has kindly offered my readers FREE POSTAGE on all orders over £5 during November all you need to do is use the code ASTASHADDICT

I for one will be buying some cards to give out to my crafty friends this Christmas! And have put a few of Julies framed prints on my Christmas wish list, I think they will look fabulous in my workshop.  

Tillyflop Designs
Tillyflop Designs
Tillyflop designs
Tillyflop Design
On to the questions..

1.       What’s the story behind your business name?
My dad nicknamed me TillyFlop as a child ... I was quite accident prone! I did think about shortening it to Flop but thought that might not be the best name for a business. My dad died a year or so before I started it so I thought it would also be a bit of a homage to him as well. Though he couldn't knit!

2.       How long have you been knitting for?
I started at primary school in Juniors - I remember Mrs Newton giving me a tiny pair of needles and some brown and green bobbly yarn ... not the best for a beginner. And like many a new knitter I didn't quite get the hang of it and ended up having to move onto longer needles as I seemed to have rather more stitches than I started with! So - to answer your question - 30+ years ... [and some *ahem*]

3.       Do you do any other crafts?
I love sewing - I collect fabric as well as yarn - and love old barkcloth and Japanese prints. I make cushions to sell and also as gifts for friends. If I had more time and space I'd get back into making clothes - I've collected enough vintage and new patterns, so I really should use them! But I find that the yarn and fabric are great insulation ... and sound proofing ...

4.       What’s on your Christmas list this year?
I always have a never-ending book wish list on Amazon though I'm thinking a kindle might be the way forward - our house is full of books and we're fast running out of room as I can't bear to give them away. I've also got my eye on some neon candlesticks from a favourite of mine, Northlight Homestore; and I'd love a milk glass cakestand from another friend's shop Baker and Maker - can't decide between white and buttercream! Though cake doesn't last long around here. Which leads nicely to the next question ...

5.       Sweet or savoury?
Before children I would have said savoury without a blink of an eye. But as my middle grew, so did my sweet tooth ... and it hasn't subsided even though they're now 10 and 6. But I'd be happy with an equal portion of both ... if that's ok?

Temporary tattoos  
I think your agree Julie is one awesome crafty lady, If you would like to know more about her, you can also stalk follow her on Facebook  and Twitter

Thank you so much Julie for taking part! I look forward to seeing you at Unravel in February 2014

Danielle x


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