Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Work in progress - Rainbow Mittens

The children are on half term this week, and things around here are super busy, so can only manage a quick update!

I apologise for the awful picture, but it gives you an idea on some cable mitts I am designing for my daughter. 

Tomorrow is Halloween and I will be back with some awesome pictures to redeemn myself ;) 

Danielle x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WIP and Books - Yarn porn

Since last week I have not knitted a single stitch! Have been so busy sorting and photographing for my next shop update which is due at the end of this week, I really need to get my 11 strand scarf finished its getting really chilly out there!!

I did however manage to prep 18 meals to freeze and then cook in my slow cooker for the next couple of weeks!

Does flicking through book keeping for dummies book count as reading? Lol it’s so boring I am actually yawning thinking about it!

If you actually want to see some knitting and read decent book reviews have a visit to Tamis and Ginnys.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Autumn kitchen challange - Nutella cupcakes

I found this recipe floating around Facebook a few weeks ago and had to give it a go! My children absolute love Nutella.

 One of our favorites is smashing up  some original Ryvita into a bowl with a couple of spoonful’s of Nutella to make a healthy “ferrero rocher”  - But I am always looking for an easy,healthier   “chocolate fix” next time I will use gluten free flour.

To make these cup cakes you only need three ingredients!! - Always a winner in my book!

All you need for these cupcakes is 1 cup of Nutella, 2 eggs and 10 tbs of flour! Mix them all together in a bowl till smooth, then transfer to a cupcake tray. Cook in an oven at a medium heat for around 25mins. (I added chopped hazelnuts on top of mine which roasted in the oven nom nom)

I dressed mine with squirty cream and cold custard, we ate the cupcakes warm because we couldn't wait hehe and they were delicious! (I managed to get six medium size cup cakes out of the mixture.)


Danielle xx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

WIP Wednesday - Coincidence

I have been so occupied with getting my new website ready for domain transfer that I have not really made a lot of progress from last week, I have managed to knit about ten rows on my 11 strand 4ply scarf while catching up with X Factor and that’s it!

I was moving some stuff around in my workshop and come across a book that a dear friend gifted to me a couple of years ago, I had a quick flick through the first few pages and found myself finishing the first chapter . The Celestine Prophecy gets some mixed reviews on amazon, my impression is that it’s a fiction story with a deep rooted spiritual message or teaching. The insights mentioned so far in this book seem to resonate with me at this particular time in my life.

  So what’s it about?

 Well the main character of the book embarks on a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights on an ancient manuscript that was discovered in Peru. The main character is also in a transitional period of his life, and begins to notice instances of synchronicity, which is the belief that coincidences have a meaning personal to those who experience them. The journey of course isn’t an easy one and the main character meet some very interesting people along the way.

 So far it’s been a very enjoyable and thought provoking read J

Monday, 14 October 2013

Moments captured ...

This weekend I had my three gorgeous nieces, we headed to Petworth park so see the  herd of deer that have been living within it 700 acres for the last 500 years.

Betty and I go walking here a lot, its only 15 mins from my house and the views are breath taking! If you live in West Sussex I definitely recommend a visit!

Danielle xx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Free Pattern - Autumn Curl Slouch

I started a cowl just before Christmas using Autumn spice DK, half way through I decided I would rather have it as a hat, so the plan was to have a cowl/ hat! Unfortunately my bind off was way too tight and I couldn't get over my head, so a hat it stayed!

Some of you after seeing pictures on Instagram wanted me to share my notes, so here goes
Cast on 117 stitches using 4.5mm needles
Knit in the round for 36 rows
Row 37 Ktog every 15 (110st)
Row 38 Ktog every 10 (99st)
Row 39 Ktog every 10 (90st)
Row 40 Ktog every 10 (81st)
Row 41 Ktog every 10 (73st)
Row 42 Ktog every 10 (66st)
Keep knitting for another 2inches, then evenly space out 14 yarn overs ( I did one every 4 stitches)
Knit for another 2inches (or longer if you want more ruffle) then Bind off!

Now make an I-cord
You cast on 3 stitches on a DPN, after you knit the first row, you need to slide your stitches to the opposite side of the same needle and knit, your know if you have done this correctly as your working yarn will now be on the left instead of the right! Carry on sliding your work to the opposite side as you continue to knit your rows until your cord is about 15 inches in length!
Thread I-cord through your eyelets and tie (Add pom pom’s if you wish!)
  • Cast on a smaller amount of stitches if you want a tighter fit, or you have a small head!
  • Decrease until row 40 instead of row 42 if you want to wear as a cowl as well, and Bind off loosely!
  • Stick a knit row in between every decrease row to make them look more clean and gradual!
  • Maybe add a few rows of Ribbing to stop the stocking stitches from curling (personally I really like this on this hat)
As you can see from the picture above you can position it so it gathers at the back for a nice slouchy effect!...ENJOY!! :D
Have now  uploaded this pattern to Raverly It's under Autumn Curl Slouch  :)
Also linking up with Tami and Linda  for FO & Creative Friday!
Have a lovely weekend!! xx

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn Kitchen Challenge - Chocolate Chip Crumble

Apple, rhubarb and orange crumble with chocolate chip.

I cooked the apples, rhubarb and  2 oranges in 2 cups of  pure apple juice and 1/2 cup of brown sugar for about  25 mins on the stove.

I used this crumble recipe for the topping, and the children insisted on me adding chocolate chip's .

I am pleased to say it tasted delish and the children are already asking me when I am making the next one.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Currently on the needles...

Currently on the needles:

Currently Reading: 

I have just downloaded the free range knitter written by Stephanie  Pearl- mcphee, I need an easy read while I find a new series. Any suggestions would be very welcomed.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! 

Danielle x

I am linking with Tami and Ginny today 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn kitchen challenge

This autumn I am setting myself a little challenge in the kitchen, I am ashamed to say it but I have never cooked anything with the pumpkins I have brought for carving over the years, nor have I have cooked a squash. - Shocking I know!
My challenge this month is to make
  • 1.       Pumpkin Soup and Squash soup
  • 2.       Meat based soup
  • 3.       Pumpkin pie/desert
  • 4.       A hearty stew
  • 5.       Winter pot pie
  • 6.       Warm drinks
  • 7.       Halloween themed dish
  • 8.       Apple crumble
  • 9.       Roast with all the trimmings
  • 10.   A simmer scent pot to fill my house with autumn aroma

       My mouth is now literally watering as I type, if anyone has some recipes they want to share please do. To help inspire me I have started a Pinterestboard dedicated to autumn/ winter recipes, I have found so many things I want to try out already.

To ease myself in I have started off with a warm drink, and a bit of a naughty one at that. I invented this concoction last night while making my children’s pack lunch hence the Nutella.

2 heaped teaspoons of orange options hot chocolate

Boiling water (I am also going to try it with hot coconut milk next time)

A heaped huge spoon of Nutella stirred in.  – You can never have enough chocolate right!

Handful of mini marshmallows

whipped cream

I made these for my children last night after dinner and they want down a storm while they snuggled up and watched adventure time, and I made myself another today.

The weather is absolute glorious today and Betty is very eager to get out for a walk which gives me a chance to burn off those sinful calories and make room for apple crumble later nom nom

Danielle xx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Moments captured...

Frost sprinkled fungi 

Sparkled like diamonds in the morning light 

Dew drops caught on webs in the lush blades of grass.

Betty Stalking a Magpie.

Shetland ponies grazing while the sun get's ready to set.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Granny Square dog Jumper

 Now that we can safely say autumn has arrived my gorgeous frenchie Miss Betty desperately needed a new jumper. I choose to crochet her a jumper rather than knit one because i find crochet much easier to wing it free form, which is needed when going down the made to measure route rather than following a pattern.

Using a 10mm Hook and some left over Acrylic Marble chunky I begin with a Granny square ( you can use any pattern you want!) mine has 6 rounds but you can do more or less depending on how big your dog is!

Once you have your square sorted, next make a chain and put it around your dog’s neck to check that it fits and you have enough room for collar etc, once happy with length, crochet into the chain back and forth until your happy with the width of the jumper collar, if you want to make a roll neck you need to double the end width. I used triple crochet stitch but you can use whatever stitch you fancy!

So now you have a collar and you’re happy with the width, the next step is to measure out the width you’re going to need for the shoulders, I just put the collar around Betty's neck and measured by eye where I needed to start crocheting from, just make sure that its evenly spaced!! Last thing you want is a wonky jumper!! For example on Betty's I started 4 crochet spaces in making sure that I stopped with 4 Crochet spaces left on the other side.

I wanted my Jumper to look like a dress, so I carried on crocheting the top half until it reached where I wanted my granny square skirt to start! You could have your granny starting higher and add more length to the bottom of your granny so that it’s more central.

Now you want to start crocheting at the side of your granny, and you need to measure the girth by laying the jumper on top of your dog and measuring the space in-between the front and back legs from the side on, and the length from one side of the granny to the other! – Again I did this by put my jumper on the Betty a few times until I was happy with the fit.

The last thing to do is join the collar to the belly band, you can ether sew it on so that it is in a V shape like I have or you can crochet in-between to make a T bar.

And Voila there you have it! Easy Peasy made to measure granny dress jumper J

Doesn't my baby look pretty!! :)

Danielle xx


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