Saturday, 12 October 2013

Free Pattern - Autumn Curl Slouch

I started a cowl just before Christmas using Autumn spice DK, half way through I decided I would rather have it as a hat, so the plan was to have a cowl/ hat! Unfortunately my bind off was way too tight and I couldn't get over my head, so a hat it stayed!

Some of you after seeing pictures on Instagram wanted me to share my notes, so here goes
Cast on 117 stitches using 4.5mm needles
Knit in the round for 36 rows
Row 37 Ktog every 15 (110st)
Row 38 Ktog every 10 (99st)
Row 39 Ktog every 10 (90st)
Row 40 Ktog every 10 (81st)
Row 41 Ktog every 10 (73st)
Row 42 Ktog every 10 (66st)
Keep knitting for another 2inches, then evenly space out 14 yarn overs ( I did one every 4 stitches)
Knit for another 2inches (or longer if you want more ruffle) then Bind off!

Now make an I-cord
You cast on 3 stitches on a DPN, after you knit the first row, you need to slide your stitches to the opposite side of the same needle and knit, your know if you have done this correctly as your working yarn will now be on the left instead of the right! Carry on sliding your work to the opposite side as you continue to knit your rows until your cord is about 15 inches in length!
Thread I-cord through your eyelets and tie (Add pom pom’s if you wish!)
  • Cast on a smaller amount of stitches if you want a tighter fit, or you have a small head!
  • Decrease until row 40 instead of row 42 if you want to wear as a cowl as well, and Bind off loosely!
  • Stick a knit row in between every decrease row to make them look more clean and gradual!
  • Maybe add a few rows of Ribbing to stop the stocking stitches from curling (personally I really like this on this hat)
As you can see from the picture above you can position it so it gathers at the back for a nice slouchy effect!...ENJOY!! :D
Have now  uploaded this pattern to Raverly It's under Autumn Curl Slouch  :)
Also linking up with Tami and Linda  for FO & Creative Friday!
Have a lovely weekend!! xx


  1. Very cute hat and great idea to have an interchangeable hat/cowl!

    Have a great weekend!

    - J


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