Friday, 18 October 2013

Autumn kitchen challange - Nutella cupcakes

I found this recipe floating around Facebook a few weeks ago and had to give it a go! My children absolute love Nutella.

 One of our favorites is smashing up  some original Ryvita into a bowl with a couple of spoonful’s of Nutella to make a healthy “ferrero rocher”  - But I am always looking for an easy,healthier   “chocolate fix” next time I will use gluten free flour.

To make these cup cakes you only need three ingredients!! - Always a winner in my book!

All you need for these cupcakes is 1 cup of Nutella, 2 eggs and 10 tbs of flour! Mix them all together in a bowl till smooth, then transfer to a cupcake tray. Cook in an oven at a medium heat for around 25mins. (I added chopped hazelnuts on top of mine which roasted in the oven nom nom)

I dressed mine with squirty cream and cold custard, we ate the cupcakes warm because we couldn't wait hehe and they were delicious! (I managed to get six medium size cup cakes out of the mixture.)


Danielle xx


  1. They look yummy! Will try the recipe today......just happen to have all the ingredients!!!!

  2. oh yum, will defo be making these!!!! xx

  3. These sound delicious! Would medium heat be around 350 degrees then in the oven for 25 minutes?

  4. Yum! I'm going to have to try that out.


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