Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Everything is changing

This month I turned 30, and while initially I was dreading approaching the big 3..0.. {ok i admit to  maybe dramatizing the whole situation a little as my the big day loomed hehe} but now on reflection my 20s really wasn’t all that great!  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I was figuring out how to be a young mother and my poor hair suffered a multitude of ridiculous hair styles and colours!!  
My Birthday outfits 
Hitting 30 I can say that I am comfortable in my own skin, I no longer feel overly insecure by my womanly figure and all it flaws and the best feeling is i now know what I want to do, through crafting and blogging I have discovered my dream job and I really love and enjoy what I do and the exciting journey I am on.
My blog has been quite lately, for a number of reasons and all those reasons relating to change!
Betty was my 30th preasent
I am working on a brand  spanking new online shop,  which will have much better picture quality and size, the new shop is designed around being much more user friendly and interactive! But this also means my blog will be moving from blogger to word press, and I really hope you guys will move across with me, and continue to support me on my new adventure.
Sneek peek of new shop
I have just had an operation on my shoulder, so the blog will remain quite until the change over which is due in 10 days {squeee!}

I am still active on Facebook, Twitter and instagram so stop by and say hi J


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