Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dyeing Hair with Kool Aid - Mermaid hair

In the spirit of Halloween and because my daughter has her own mind when it comes to her hair and fashion, we decided to have a play with some Kool aid dyeing.
Sophia wanted blue, as she is dressing up as the corpse bride tomorrow, but I didn’t have enough berry blue in my stash for a true blue, so we settled for mermaid hair greeny/blue.
Normally when dyeing hair with Kool aid, you would leave it on overnight in foil and/or a plastic bag to let the colour deepen, but we literally left it on for about two minutes and applied it first to the crown for a ombre effect!
I only wanted to create a light cast over her hair so that it’s easy to wash out as she has school next week, but next summer holidays we have made plans to go crazy with rainbow colours because she will have 8 weeks for it all to wash out.

I think it really suits her, and to be honest I quite jealous as I would love to dye my hair mermaid colours, but Kool aid only work best on Blondes.

If you’re going to try this at home, there are a few things you need to think about!

 PROTECT everything around the area you’re working in! Kool aid stains EVERTHING!! So wear gloves and also don’t be surprised if you end up with stained feet!

Those with bleach blonde hair, because your hair is so porous the colour will more than likely stay put longer!! You should bare that in mind when choosing your colour/s.

Make sure you wash your hair a couple of times prior, because kool aid won’t stick if any oils are present in the hair! You can also do a wash with baking soda to help with cleansing the hair.

To mix your kool aid, use an old bowl and add conditioner and mix till smooth! You can also add a few splashes of white vinegar to help the colour exhaust thus aiding your colour to last longer.

Once worked through the hair, wrap in a plastic bag and an old towel to lock the heat in which helps your colour stick and sleep on it. (use an old pillowcase!!)

When you wake up rinse through but don’t wash with shampoo! And just remember the more you wash the quicker your colour will fade!

If you want to remove colour fast, I would use a head and shoulders shampoo as anti-dandruff shampoos are notorious for stripping colour! 

Colour mixing rules apply when dyeing with kool aid! Eg Sophia’s yellow blonde mixed with blue = Greeny /blue, to get a true blue I would need a larger ratio of Blue dye to counteract her BLONDE!

Think that’s about it, but if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)


Enjoy your awesome hair!! 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Cupturing Autumn











Having Betty, has really enriched my life, every day I get the opportunity to be inspired by the beauty and colours of nature,  I have found that come ,rain, wind or shine the ever changing landscape of my surroundings always astound me  and leave me feeling very grateful for the life that I have and where I live.

D x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Free,Easy Knitted Headband Pattern

I don’t know about you! but when the weather gets colder, it really effects my ears, yesterday while walking Betty, my ears were on FIRE, so I decided to knit myself and my daughter a head/ear warmer!

These head bands are SUPER EASY and perfect for a Beginner Knitter!

This pattern is very basic, so please feel free to use it for both personal and comercial uses, although it would be really lovely if you could link back to me :)

I will be adding this pattern to Raverly under the name of Autumn Gypsy Bow

I used a 10mm needle

Pattern for Adult.

Using a super chunky yarn { I used King Cole “Gypsy” in shade 88 } CO* 50 stitches , and knit 10 rows. Bind off loosely, leave a long tail.

Sew both ends together and pull yarn to create tension and the “bow” like shape, secure with a knot.
Using the left over tails, start wrapping them around the middle of the bow shape you created, and add whatever beads** (if you’re going to use them) secure the ends by wrapping around and behind  the back of the bow. Knot and weave in ends.
Pull tight to create "Bow" shape!
Without beads!
With beads added!
{Alternatively create a bow band from the pattern below} 

* Cast on 45 for a tighter fit! - I used long tail cast on method making sure I left enough yarn to wrap around the centre to create my “Bow” so make it longer to compensate for that, if using this method.

** The beads I used have huge holes, so I could just thread them straight on to the super chunky yarn. If the beads you want to use are smaller you will have to sew them on using thread.
Pattern for Child.


Again using super chunky yarn CO 36 stitches, Knit 10 rows and Bind off loosely.  Sew ends together and pull yarn to create tension and bow shape, knot and weave in the ends.


Bow Band.

 CO 10 stitches knit 3 or 6 rows* (depending how thick you want it) Bind off. Wrap around the bow shape you created on your head band, and sew ends so that they are on the wrong side, sew the tails into the headband taking care not to push your needle right through, this will secure the little band in place. Knot and weave in ends.

*I used 6 for Sophia’s as she wanted a thicker Bow, for myself I would have done three rows!


Enjoy :)

Friday, 26 October 2012

FO - Autumn Rainbow Snood

Hello Friday,
I am so excited to show you my first ever knitting pattern designed and knitted (without any holes) by yours truly!
I love autumn, I suspect for the same reasons most do, the colours of the landscape changing, wrapping up warm in all my favourite knits and boots! Not forgetting the smell of fallen leaves and bonfires, hot chocolate and pigging out on stews and hot puddings nom nom.
But when we start drawing closer to winter, and all the leaves have fallen, the landscape is baron, the bitter cold dark mornings and dark nights begin to depress me, I always seek comfort and cheeriness in my bright jumpers and scarfs, lots of coloured pattern tights and now a RAINBOW snood!
My snood (Haven’t decide its name yet!) is lovely and versatile, you can wear it down over your shoulders, up round your neck like a cowl, or as a snood. When in snood mode, I designed it to hug your neck, because when I am cold I hate having my neck exposed to the wind! It was this very reason that I decided to have a go at designing my own.
I am in the process of writing the pattern up, and have my test knitters with their sticks at the ready J so it shouldn’t be too long before I can share it with you all. (I will also get it looked at by a technical editor to make sure the numbers add up!.)
I have already started another in sparkly DK that I dyed Mustard a little while ago, which should give a great idea of how the snood looks in a semi/solid. 

I had great fun with my friend Sabrina AKA nominated photographer taking pictures for today’s post, and while I will leave the detailed photos for the actual pattern, I hope these give you a good idea of what’s to come.

Have a fabulous weekend.

D x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Eye opener! - dealing with numbers!

I can hardly believe how much time as passed since I last blogged!  Hubby is currently away in America, so I have been run ragged by my three children and trying to house train Betty my 4month old puppy and running my yarn business. Thankfully he is back tomorrow and after two weeks apart I am really looking forward to picking him up at the airport in the morning, not just because I desperately need some respite, but because I have missed him a lot more than I thought I would *hehe*.

 Phoenix has been really suffering with his asthma now that autumn has arrived, and after a few months of sleeping through, we are back to consent night coughing and broken sleep, poor Phoenix looks like death warmed up with the size of his eye bags, and understandably he very irritable at the moment.
I really enjoy our daily morning walks, and the dinosaur seems to enjoy them too lol!

Chasing around children and mopping up piddles aside craft wise I have surprisingly been really busy. A Stash Addict yarn takes up 85% of my time, but I Love dyeing yarn and making stitch markers so I am not grumbling :)

And not to mention clearing up yarn barf all over the floor!!

Good job she is cute!!
These last two weeks have been a real eye opener for me, I have not only embarked on a mission to learn and combat Knitting design, but I have also amazed myself by completing a cross stitch pattern.
Now I know to most of you a counting cross stitch pattern would be a walk in the park, but for me it’s quite a challenge because of my Dyscalculia, {it’s a condition that affects the ability to acquire arithmetical skills.} I have difficulty understanding simple number concepts, and I can’t actually visualise numbers so retaining or trying to “remember” which numbers or how many stitches I have completed is a hard task in its self as I have to repeatedly go back and recount because I forget.
My First ever cross stitch pattern :)

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I thought I would ever been able to successfully knit from a pattern or read a cross stitch chart I would have said NO CHANCE!! My confidence with numbers alone would have been enough to send me into a sweaty frenzy!

Knitting, and my passion for the craft, has really changed my relationship with numbers, I have had to literally stick myself out of my comfort zone and accept and deal with Dyscalculia head on by finding other ways to help me overcome the hurdles it throws in my way.  If you read my interview with Sarah fromCrafts from the Cwtch in which I list some of the things I have used to help me progress with knitting, I am finding these days I don’t need some of them anymore! I can now count to 10 without skipping numbers, and I believe my memory is getting better, as I don’t instantly forget or feel the number slip from my mind’s eye as quickly as it used to!.

I have enrolled on a City and Guilds level 3 Hand knitting design course, which starts this coming Monday, now I know I am putting myself right into the path of pure frustration and I have accepted that it may take me a lot longer than the average person to complete, but if I can come away from this with a better understanding of how Knitting “works” I will be extremely happy! Because at the moment I am just following a series of sequences that are written down, I have extreme difficulty in decoding patterns, I certainly couldn’t tell you which bits of the pattern where placed there pacifically and for what.

  All I can grasp at the moment is decreasing and increasing, which I am using for a snood that I am designing, and even that has been really hard trying to calculate how to spread them out evenly, which I am sure most people have a problem with when designing, but it’s especially frustrating for me as the concept of odd and even I don’t always get right, and have to really Concentrate that I have them in the right order lol.

My snood so far, it is still on the needles!
I will soon find out when my lovely bunch of volunteer pattern testers try it out, I am near completion, so there feedback will be interesting lol. 

Well its Midnight and I feel I have waffled on enough, but before I go, I do have TWO FOs to share with you, I made Betty a couple of crochet jumpers, which I just improvised by using her body as a template. ( I wish i understood knitting like I do crochet!!)  I think they turned out really well! I have been asked via instagram to create a tutorial; once hubby is back and life settles back down to a routine I promise I will put one together. 

Good night everyone xx


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