Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fibre Appreciation Thursday (1) Fibre Porn

Hi Everyone *waves*

Quick Introduction!

As most of you know I am a fibre artist/ dyer from West Sussex UK, and owner of A Stash Addict Yarn. I am a HUGE fibre addict, I am talking eat, sleep and breath dyeing yarn :D, so i can not waite to set my eyes on fibre porn you guys have in your stash!!

The aim of this meme, is to show off your fibre, whether you’re a fibre artist like me! A spinner Or a yarn shopping addict!{With of course the added bonus of introducing each other to other fibre artists or yarn companies that you may never knew existed before!. And let’s face it in any case; all the fibre porn will be divine!}

Your fibre can be something you brought or dyed and/or  spun recently or something you brought years ago!!! - The "When" Really doesn't matter!

Each Thursday I am going to show what I have been working on in my dye studio. And hopefully your see why I never really make that much progress on my WIPs and have hardly any FOs lol
To take part all you have to do, is leave your link with MR Linky, making sure it’s your relevant blog post link and not actual blog address! And leave a link on your blog post back to Fibre Appreciation that way hopefully readers can come find Mr Linky and join in!

Please visit and comment on as many blogs taking part, after all that’s the aim of the meme!! :D
Ok so I have made a Button/Image which you’re welcome to use! But of course you don’t have to use it to take part!

Now on to the best bit….

So this week I have been dyeing sparkle Lace, for my Fantasycolour way collection and my Rainbow Fantasy collection.
I really love this yarn, its super soft, and the Stellina is dazzling!!  The comes in Skeins of 100g and 800m
I also did a custom dye for loyal  A Stash Addict  Addict who lives in Hawaii, its called Mermaids tail, because where the two colours mix it looks like scales, esp with the sparkle! - nom nom

I have also dyed some fibre, in Rainbows of course!! - The merino is sooo soft I just want to squeeze and touch it all the time! Lol I was even thinking about plaiting into my hair at one point!! – Seriously how cool would it be to have rainbow hair!!

The fibre I dyed is from my personal stash so its well under 100g,( I will be adding it to the shop though!) -  But I think I may order a bulk load in, if you guys would like me to add more to the shop!?
I also dyed some little bits of fluff  -Erm... Mini Fluff lol i think the blue and purple is 20g and the green is 12g i guess they are good for needle felting projects or mini skeins :D

Oh and not forgetting the Batts i am making, which are a dusky purple and i am adding pink angelina fibre through them so they twinkle and sparkle!...So Pretty!!!


At the moment I currently have 10 skeins of Sparkly sock weight yarn ready to be dyed! But you have to wait until next week to see the results!- So i will end here lol

Have a Fantastic Fibre Filled Thursday! xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Work in progress Wednesday - 27-06-12

Hello Wednesday *Waves*

So I am going to be honest, there has been a lot more reading then knitting going on at the moment!
The Black Dagger Brotherhood books are so addictive!! Last week I was just finishing book 1 and now I am 40% of the way through book 4! Each book is getting better and better than the one before!
I really love how the writer intertwines all the characters stories in each book, and sets you up for the next! So glade there is 6 more books to read!!
So Hitchhiker wise I have done a couple more teeth! As you can see from the picture I still have a huge ball of yarn left to get through lol!!


My clutch bag body is done and just about to be lined, then I just need to knit the bow for the front.

I have decided that from tomorrow, every Thursday I am going to do Fibre Appreciation lol, and share what I actually do get up to in the week, I know some of you see my daily dye efforts on instagram, but I feel its lacking from my blog, especially as it play a huge part of who I am and what I do!

 If you have new yarn/fibre you want to show off, doesn’t matter if it’s Purchased or yarn that you dyed yourself! Or you want to share your spinning, felting etc {As long as its fibre! Anything goes!} I would LOVE to see it.. i am sure others would as well!! -  Also the bonus being thats it’s a great way to introduce fantastic fibre artists or companies to each other that we may have not heard of before.

If anyone wants to join in, let me know and I will add a linky to my post tomorrow :)

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone  xx 

For more WIP and books visit Tamis and Ginnys

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One a day - none a day!!

The intentions where there!!.....

On Tuesday I put them in my bag along with a handful of stuffing, and before I could blink its Tuesday again! – Poor effort, I will make one tonight!! 

To see some actual progress Visit Carols for the one a day link up!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Snappy Happy Monday -06

Hello Monday,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend?. I had my nieces staying with us, and spent a large amount of time in the garden reading while they played, as you can see last week, was spent dyeing yarn, and this week will be very much the same :D


Keeping it short and sweet today, as I have a lots of yummy sparkly lace waiting to be dyed :D
Happy Monday everyone xx

Friday, 22 June 2012

Fo Friday Show case - Knitty or Nice

Hello Friday :D

Today I wanted to share with you this AMAZING Shawl knitted by the awesome and talented Telma from the Knitty or Nice. {Who is equally just as just Lovely!!! }

Picture taken and owned by Knitty or
Picture taken and owned by Knitty or
 The skein used for this shawl was, one of the first two 4ply Skeins i created for my Fantasy colour way last year, so seeing it knitted up into a specular and flawless finished object has given me total job satisfaction and the biggest smile on my face ever!! – isn’t it beautiful, stunning and every other word that describes WOW under the sun!

Please check out Telma’s awesome and beautiful blog! If you have not done so already, and she is also on instagram you can find her @ Telmacosta

If any one else has a FO knitted or Crochet  with my yarn, I would really love to show case you! So please send me an e-mail
Have a great weekend everyone! xx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Juggling

Morning Wednesday *huge smiles*

I hope I find you all well!!,I woke up in a REALLY good mood this morning, and the sun is shining which is an added bonus!

If you remember I said last week that I was going to do a Kool aid tutorial, well I also made a Vlog about dyeing, which I posted at the weekend and it can be found here for anyone that has missed it :)

I have made good progress on my clutch bag, it’s just suddenly grown, I love that about knitting :) I have done 11 inches so far but need 15. I have also managed a few a couple more teeth on my hitchhiker {I know it doesn’t  look like it it!! But promise I have lol}

It’s in the dye studio where I have been very busy this week, I am currently dyeing sparkle sock yarn for my Fantasy range, and I have to say I really LOVING this fibre blend, the merino is sooo super soft and the stellina {which is surprisingly soft} is just dazzling, I am so glad I stocked this blend in lace and DK as well.
Fantasy Sparkle Sock weight

Reading wise, I can’t express how much I am enjoying the Black dagger brotherhood, I am still on book one, although I am now 96% of the way through!!  I just don’t want to put it down!! I never went to sleep until 1am last night, because hubby and I watched a film, and I had to get my night time hour read in before I went to sleep!
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)
Image from

Because my knitting time has been seriously lacking I brought a new kindle so that it can read to me! Lol I really hate having to choose between the two!
The other night on instagram I got tagged to play “what I am doing now” where you post a picture of what you’re doing  in that very moment. At the time I was looking at my blogs searched statistics and found this!!

LMAO - I am now going to come up with a pattern for a boobie bra complete with glitzy nipple tassels lol - Sorry but it has to be done!

And on that note! Did you hear that the Fifty Trilogies have over taken the Harry potter sales record!! – I hear Hollywood is calling!! I wonder who will play Mr Grey??? Who would you like to see??

Have a fab Wednesday xxx ( For more Wips and Book visit Tamis and Ginnys)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

One A Day - Confession

Since Dyeing and Making all of these......
Dyed for my shop

I have only made a handful of Sexipuffs, i am hoping now that Carol Aka Gingerbread girl is back hosting "One A Day" it will give me some much needed motivation to get more done!

So current count is 8 *hangs head in Shame* But i it did take me ages to figure out how to make them lol {Did you see my Vlog??}

Have a lovely Tuesday xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Snappy Happy Monday - 05

Morning Monday :)

Hope those of you that celebrated father’s day yesterday had a lovely time!
Thankfully the weather was really nice, so we had my dad over for a BBQ, was a fun day! Huge water fight, lots of laughing and great food!

Here are my pictures from last week :D



As you can see I have been a busy girl! My high lights last week are being able to dye again now that my dye studio has finished being re-designed and moved about :D

Super Wash, Hight Twist BFL with 20% Nylon
Managing to do a 20 min vlog on dyeing yarn with kool aid without much too much rambling!! 
And the tweet I got from Howie Woo! If you don’t know who is check out his website!! His Crochet work is epic!!!

Happy Monday everyone!! xx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dyeing with Kool Aid! - Vlog and Photos

Hey everyone! :)

So as promised I have put together a small photo tutorial, and made a Vlog, which I have had to split in to, two parts, because it is about 20mins long!  - YEP i love talking about yarn!! {could have sat there all night!! Lol}

The Vlog covers the practical elements like equipment, mixing the kool aid, and colour and a bunch of other stuff.  **Please note that I am self-taught, so I learn through trial and error! What works for me doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you!  I am not claiming that my way is the “right” way I am simply sharing how I like to do things with you! What you do with that information afterwards is entirely up to you!, :)**


So what I wanted to show you with the photos is where and how I applied the dye, with dyeing the best part is, the creative freedom you have to apply the dye any way you want! So this isn’t a traditional step by step, because you will never be able to dye your skein exactly like mine after all that’s the beauty of hand dyed :D

 I am just simply showing you two methods that you can use,{there are more methods!} the rest is down to you! Use your imagination, and start off with colours that you love! Allow yourself to get excited! And if you don’t like the end result, you can simply over dye your yarn until you do! 
So first method is what I call block, you basically lay the yarn is a S or M shape and add your dye in sections or blocks as I call them, in this method your dye will merge with the next colour you apply so, you need to be aware of the colours this will produce for e.g yellow dye placed next to blue will have areas that turn green! turn your yarn over to repeat to the other side! -  i then use my hands to work the dye into the un dyed areas! 

Once happy pop into the microwave loosely covered for five min! Make sure there is enough water in your bowl (which there should be from the dye) or the yarn will burn!, once the dye bath is clear you know all the dye has been exhausted, allow the yarn to completely cool, then rinse through with fresh water, spin in your machine or place between a folded towel and stamp on it to remove the excess fluid then hang to dry!!
As you can see dye bath water is clear!

This second method is what I call free range! Lay your yarn as above only this time lay down your dye anywhere you want, depending on how many colours your using, take into account that lots of colours will merge together thus producing secondary colour changes, so use colours that complement each other to avoid mudding! **you will need to turn your yarn over to do the same to the other side!** Fix in the microwave like above, rinse then spin and dry!

This skein is a example of the free range method using acid dyes

As you can see this method can produce some stunning yarn!
 I hope you have found this post and my vlog useful, any questions you have, you can leave below and I will do my best to answer them: D

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday {13/06/12} Kool

Hello Wednesday, I hope find you well?

If you read my post on Monday, you would have already learnt that I have been busy re designing my dye studio and you would have seen the pictures of my sink and mixing station, this has been on going, and on Monday afternoon I took delivery of my tub, for my Soaking station, and of course  I didn’t waste any time at all filling it up with fibre! – This tub is going to make my life so much easier, no more bowls taking over every work top!
Ages ago I planned to do a kool Aid tutorial, so I had a look in my stash to find there wasn’t a lot!! lol, so I  conducted an experiment, mixing the colours I had to create a couple of new ones! What do you think???

And I am really pleased with the results, so today I am going to put together a tutorial for you all.

Knitting wise, I have been working on my clutch, having not used the metal tips before, I am pleased to say, that they are really nice to knit with!
Moss stitches remind me of little kisses

Picture from last weeks post
My Hitchhiker, has received no love this week! So I really want to put in some time over the next few evenings, which is hard because I have started a new book!!  - But before I get to that let me tell you my thoughts on fifty shades freed.

I couldn’t put this book down, I read it in under 24hours only stopping to sleep and drive! I found myself feeling a bit lost after the last page, like a kind of mourning lol I really don’t didn’t want it to end.  
Fifty Shades Freed
I admit the authors writing isn’t particularly the best, but it was the love story really gripped me, and her characters are so loveable that it was easy to bring them to life in my imagination without having to rely heavily  on her story telling ability’s. – I do however think she has makings of a great author, and I hope she writes more in the future.

 So as you know last week I was toying with the idea of Hunger games, being my next reads, well they will have to wait, as I got recommended via instagram about a series called Black dagger brotherhood written by J.R Ward.
Dark Lover: Black Dagger Brotherhood series: Book 1
Not sure if you guys are aware, but I am a HUGE, vampire fan {I love zombies too!}  And so I am really excited about these! It has it all Romance, fantasy, Action, Crime, Conspiracy – Well you get the point!

So yesterday I started reading the first book, “Dark Lover” and already I am finding it hard to put down!! {only a few pages in so this is a great sign!!!}  - Nothing like Twilight {which I loved might I add!}

At the moment the Dark Lover , kind of gives me that whole Underworld vibe, you know the film series, with stunning Kate Beckingsale, maybe not character wise {for me it’s too early to tell} but in the sense of the “Darkness” that surrounds the films, which is awesome because those films are among my favourites! – So yeah I feel I have made a good choice, and I have the feeling I am not going to be disappointed.
And on that note have an awesome Wednesday everyone! For more Wip and Books visit Tami and Ginny :D xx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Snappy Happy Monday - 4

Morning Monday!*fragile wave*



Seems I am suffering the dreaded two day hangover, so apologies in advance if this post makes no sense what’s so ever lol - I Know, i will never learn! I am sure it is an age thing, as when i was in my early 20s i could party all weekend!!

Any way last week, we changed our Internet provider, and unfortunately where I live I don’t get 3G on my mobile, so i was without Internet access and instagram for a couple of days! 

Isn’t it amazing how much actual crafting/work, you can get done, when you’re cut off from social networks! I have made a start on my knitted clutch, finished a booked and sorted out my dye studio in the workshop! - Yep been very productive!!!

These pictures are of one section of my dye studio -My mixing station and sink!
 I am still awaiting delivery of some more storage units, and tubs for soaking, and I also need to design airing device to hang my dyed skeins to dry inside, when the weather is awful outside, I will do a video tour of my workshop when I am done :D

Wishing you all a happy Monday xx


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