Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Work in progress wednesday - Tackling goals

Hello Wednesday.
A very late one from me today, I am still working on my hitchhiker not made a lot of progress though, as there is so much happening in other parts of my life this week, what with close family birthdays, a school trip away and the jubilee weekend, I am running around like a headless chicken, because as usual i Leave everything to the last minute *sigh*

Yarn is one of my hand-dyed Fantasy Yarns

 I have been buying a lot of Mint lately, and I can’t seem to find a nice clutch bag, so I have decided to tackle one of my 2012 goals, and design my first ever “knitted” item *gulp*

I have decided to go with a nice cotton yarn, as it’s durable and washable, and I will line the inside, so that the cotton retains its memory.
So far I have worked out the dimensions, and done a few stitch swatches, of which I have decided on the moss stitch, because it makes a nice sturdy fabric and it’s pretty.

I am just waiting on delivery of more mint cotton yarn, and some more 3mm knit pro needles {i snapped my last pair} so I can get started - feel quite excited!!

Fifty Shades DarkerReading wise, I am 92% of the way through fifty shades darker; I am really enjoying the somewhat cheesy but intense love story between the characters, and I will be moving on to the last book in this trilogy.

Well it’s my eldest birthday tomorrow, and I still have balloons to blow up so I shall say goodnight!:D

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Snappy Happy Monday - 02

Morning Monday!

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend? A dear friend of mine got married this Saturday, and the weather has been perfect! It was such a special day, and she looked STUNNING!! - I do love a wedding :D

Weddings always leave me feeling loved up, and I had to get my wedding video out to reminisce, the children really loved watching it too! They couldn’t believe how much they have physically changed over the last 2.5 year. Your spot a picture with me and this weekend’s bride in my instagram feed, she along with my best friend Sabrina where bridesmaids at my wedding, My friend got engaged shortly after, and we have all been counting down the days until she took her turn. So wonderful to see her so happy, we wish them all the best for the future.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Baxter!

 This week in my instagram feed, i have been getting into the summer spirit, and faced a wardrobe drama, being a big breasted women, I find that sometimes it’s really hard to wear summer dresses, tops without having a huge cleavage on show, I brought a cotton maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins  (pictured in my feed) and felt disappointed that it was going to be another one for the “only wear in the house pile” but I got lots of lovely encouraging comments, and advice from a lot of awesome women, of which a few suggested I  go and  invest in some lacy cotton vest tops to wear underneath them! – Genius! Why didn’t I think of that!!!


Carrying on the summer feel, I crochet some daisy chains to wear with some of my long maxi skirts, I have added a tutorial to my blog ( which you can find on my tutorial page) and on Raverly, Ali from MACSCrochet has made some to go on her bicycle basket!! Cant Waite to see the FO!!

On family side of thing's this week, we took Phoenix to see a specialist at Portland hospital for his Asthma, which has gotten worse since Christmas, he has been put on a new treatment daily and we are seeing an allergy specialist to try and find out his triggers, we thought it was mainly virus related, but when he is admitted to hospital his temperature is always normal, which indicates otherwise.

This week we have also started potty training, and Phoenix did is first pee pee in the potty - very proud mummy moment!!

Other awesomeness moments last week, were cuddling mums baby kittens *aww* getting my nails done and my hair cut a little a shorter, hanging out with my mum..... oh and speaking to my instagram goks while trying to decide what colour shoes to wear with my wedding outfit! – What would I do without you guys!!

Have a super duper week every one :D

Friday, 25 May 2012

Crochet Daisy chain Tutorial

Hello Friday :D

  Isn’t the weather beautiful in the UK at the moment!!

Yesterday I felt the need to crochet some daisy, to wear around my head so that I could walk barefoot in the grass, these are really quick and easy to make, and not to mention cute!! And a great accessory for those who love vintage clothes!

I just improvised this pattern, so I am sure there are much better daisy patterns out there! But I wanted to wing it :D

Ok so you will need to know how to chain stitch and single crochet (or double if using UK) terms) Start by chaining 4, and them joining them in the round with a slip stitch, then chain one! And make 7 or 8 SC in to the centre of the round! Finish with a slip stitch into the first SC st you made.
Now you can BO off the yellow yarn if you like but I leave it and do both at the end.


 Join your white yarn chain 7 or 8 then join into the 1st SC with a slip stitch. Continue this all the way round, there is no fixed amount, till you reach the last one, BO with both yellow and white, if you hadn’t previous.

Once your happy with the amount of daisy’s, measure your head, I used some yellow yarn,, then using white make a chain equalling the same length, then sew your daisy’s on placing them at whatever  distantness  your happy with  ( I sewed them on close!)

And TA DA you have a daisy chain, that you can wear around your head, your neck, your feet..and pretty much anywhere else you want it too!! 
You don't have to stick to white and yellow! well have fun walking bare foot through the grass! or skipping in Meadows :D

Have a Fab weekend, xx

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Work in progress - Tangled

Hello Wednesday,

And what a Beautiful Wednesday it is!! 

Hitchhicker is coming along nicely, but to be honest, I have done more reading then knitting!

I have though got myself into a right tangled mess! I always knit from the side, but for some reason I decided to use the centre working yarn this time, and now have a load of yarn barf to sort out *sigh*


Book wise, I couldn’t put, the Fifty shades of grey, read it in 4 days, and I am now half way through the second in this trilogy called Fifty shades darker.

Fifty Shades Darker
Picture from Amazon
I just love the intense love story between the charters, {FYI it’s very soft erotica!! well IMO *blush*}, and friends of mine, who have started reading, have said, they didn’t think they would enjoy reading but they too can’t seem to put the book down.

You just can’t help but fall in love with Mr Grey!!

For other WIP and Yarn alongs visit Tamis and Ginny :D

Have a lovely day everyone! xx
P.s yesterday  I nominated some awesome bloggers the Sunshine award, they really are worth checking out!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

SunShine Award :D


I recently got nominated for the Sunshine award from the lovely, Emma AKA GirlAnachronismE Thank you so much my lovely, i am thrilled my little blog makes you smile!

 I have been nominated for a couple of other different awards in the past, but there was too much going on at the time to write an acceptance post about them {can you tell I still feel guilty about that!} So I am pleased to be able accept and pass on this cute award today, as lots of you bring Sunshine to me daily.

 On to the Sunshine Award Rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 10 questions on your favourite things.

3. Nominate 10 blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.

  1.     Favourite animal: Seriously ANYTHING cute, i have never had a "Favourite" but if i had to pick one then i would say Elephants because i have so much respect for them.
  2.     Favourite number: 13, I just like the way it looks and sounds, and its creepiness! lol
  3.     Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Water or diet coke!
  4.     Facebook or Twitter: I Love my Facebook Pages, but don't tend to use my personal FB, and Twitter is awesome for knitty banter..but my favourite by far is Instagram :D
  5.     My passion:  Colour - I Love how colour influences the way we view the world on a emotional level and i hope my hand dyed yarn reflects that :D
  6.     Getting or giving: Giving {ok i love receiving too!!}
  7.     Favourite Pattern: Hexipuff {who can resist that squidgy sexipuff}
  8.     Favourite day of the week: Sunday because everyone is normally home togeather and we cook a roast nom nom
  9.     Favourite flower: Jasmine for smell, but i love Roses to look at.
  10.     Favourite country: I am going to say the UK as it’s too hard to pick! And i do feel i live in a beautiful part of the world :D
 Now the blogs i would like to Nominate are;
Sally from Wooldiaries
Linda from Natural Suburbia
 Gilly from Tickety Boo
Sophie from Cider with Sophie
Chrissy from stitched together/
Telma from Knitty or Nice
Hilly from Hilly town blue
 Lynsey from Knot sew interesting
Renee from Oh Deerlette
Vickiy from VickiyB

I nominate these wonderful bloggers because they make me smile on a daily basis through interaction on other social networks, or just from reading there inspirational blogs!

Thank you Ladies

Monday, 21 May 2012

Snappy Happy Monday :D - 01

Hello Monday *waves*

I have decided on Mondays I will share pictures from my Instagram feed, for a couple of reasons really, one being that my feed moves at quite a fast pace! Due to the fact because I am a total Instagram addict and because I love taking photos!

And the other reason is because I want to document them for my own personal pleasure, I have over 1931 currently in my feed and I can’t remember what half of those are and it is very time consuming wading back on the app itself.

My feed is a collection of the things I love, like my children, knitting, yarn ,fashion and FOOD.  I will do some flash back Mondays, to have a look at the start of my Instagram journey it will be interesting to see how much I have changed over the course of the year :D

And of course the other thing I LOVE about Instagram is looking at glimpses of other IGers lives so if you want to join in, or your already doing something similar leave a link in the comments because i would love to check it out!!

If you dont have Instagram you can download it free, for both Apple and Android phones :D

Anyway here is my feed from last week! Hope you enjoy :D

As you can see last week there is a recurring colour in my feed!...yep i am talking about the Mint, which i can not get enough of at the moment!!I am especially LOVE wearing it on my nails and toes!

And i love the fact that it matches my Fantasy yarn which i am currently using for my Hitchhiker! :D
Such a visual delight!!

Have a lovely Monday!! xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Work in progress Wednesday - Little progress!

Hello Wednesday *Waves*

Not really got much knitting done this week, due to being away at the weekend, and my new website going live yesterday!

After lots of pleading messages via social networks I decided to open the shop early, and just add stock as i go along {i seem to work better under pressure lol} so i am currently running round like a headless chicken :D 

And in other yarny news really, really loving the colour variations in this skein of fantasy yarn*, it almost like a rainbow, with bursts of really vibrant colours and i think the pattern suites it well!

On Sunday i finished reading The Women before me to which i gave four stars, i really enjoyed it and was pleased on a level on how it finished, but with out giving to much away i did find the ending a little disturbing lol

The Woman Before Me

So now i have started reading Fifty Shades of Grey which is only £2.40 on Amazon.

I don't normally read erotica, but the few I have read I enjoyed, and what with all the hype, this book has been receiving on Instagram, I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Currently I am a few chapters in and at the moment it has real twilight vibe in the sense of the intensity that is being built between the characters, this book is also part of a trilogy and if it carries on the way it’s heading I thinking I will read the rest.

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*  The yarn is from, my fantasy colour collections, that i have hand dyed myself for my shop  A Stash Addict Yarn

Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekend Shenanigans - Friendship

This weekend I got to hang out with my best friend Sabrina, we have been inseparable since we first met 18 years ago, we know each other so well that we finish each other’s sentences, and find each other utterly hilarious!! {Irritates my husband, as he doesn’t find me funny at all lol}

Isn't True friendship is a rarity!? Our friendship is built on the love and respect we have for one another, rather than common interests. Over the years we have managed to stay close, even though we are VERY different people now, and other friendships have grown apart along the way.

I feel very lucky to her have her in my life :D

 Any way ...On Saturday we went shopping in London, and we didn’t stop laughing the whole time, even when we got lost on the tube for the 5th time because our sense of direction is awful. 

Then Saturday night, we went and checked into our hotel to get ready, (like a couple of giggling teenagers I will add) for our friends hen night.

Needless to say we got a bit ( ok VERY ) drunk and gave our mouths one heck of a work out lol

Hope you all had a fab weekend xx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Living with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

Recently I did an interview with Sarah from Crafts of the Cwtch, you can read the full interview over at her blog.

Below are the questions i was asked:

- when did you know you were dyslexic?

I wasn’t diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia until I was 15, and unfortunately found school a Huge struggle, My English teacher couldn’t understand why, I could read fluently and out loud to the class, but couldn’t spell basic words right. Maths was even worse! I used to copy my friends work, just to get by, in the end I just stopped going.

 Unfortunately for my parents I was labelled a “naughty” child,  my general attitude for the education system was negative, because I just couldn’t cope and keep up in lesson, so I decided to stopped going to school altogether for a few month’s or only turning up some days for registration  and to take part in drama and art lessons . 
As a consequence my parents were taken to court, and teachers didn’t want me in their lessons, the head master, not really knowing what to do with me, stuck me in the “unit” and it was while in the unit that  my learning disabilities were discovered by one of the learning support teachers, to whom I will forever be thankful.

  - what impact has your dyslexia and Dyscalculia had on your day to day life?

Thanks to modern technology and the wonders of spell check, my dyslexia has not held me back professionally, things just take a little bit longer to do, and the only real problem I face is when spell check doesn’t understand what I am trying to spell, but thanks to the iPhone 4 S talk to text function, I can now just say the word I am trying to spell, and it appears right there before my eyes!
The only other recent challenged I faced was while trying to play Drawsome!! Some of you would have witness my dyslexia first hand as I repeatedly kept put the letters in the wrong order, which is really frustrating because I “know” I am spelling it wrong, and I know the letters are in the wrong order, but my brain and fingers get lost in translation.
Now Dyscalculia on the other hand, I really struggle with, because I can’t visualise numbers at all. I can’t do homework with my children (7 and 11), because I am at a lower math level than them {and I can’t spell}, I also get my left and right confused on a daily bases, and struggle to grasp and remember mathematical concepts, rules, formulae, and sequences.
 Before chip and pin I used to suffer with extreme anxiety to the point that I would avoid going shopping so that I didn’t have to count out money when paying for things. In conversations I would feel intellectually inferior, even with my husband because I just don’t “get “measurements, nor can I subtract or do multiplications in my head.  

- How has it affected your crafting?

When it comes to crafting, at the start I really struggled with the mathematical concepts of a knitting or crochet pattern,(and sewing for that matter) the sequences confused me, and stitch counting  was also a challenge because I have such a bad memory at retaining numbers (because I can’t visualise them), I kept ending up with too many or not enough, even though I had counted them repeatedly, was really frustrating! Then there are the increasing and decreases, and of course put a load of numbers on the same page and that’s asking my brain for trouble.

- What advice would you give to other crafters or potential crafters who have similar difficulties?  Do you have any tips?

Over the last couple of years I have devised a set of procedures, which help me when tackling a new pattern.
  • I re write patterns in to a format that I can understand, doing small sections at a time so that I am not overwhelmed by all the numbers. E.g. inc four instead of 4
  • For patterns where stitch count is paramount, I place scrap yarn every 10 stitches. I use scrap yarn, so that I can still use stitch markers if the patterns calls for them. It helps that I can visually tell them apart.
  • I use a row counter on my phone, but I cannot rely on that alone, so I write down what I have done on every row, I find this helps with my memory as I get easily distracted and often forget what it was I was doing.
  •  Recently though, especially when working on my Pogona I am finding that I can pick up and put down and know where I am by visually looking at the wrong side and right.
And even though the hexipuff pattern took me ages to figure out, {see my vlog for more information} once I made a few, again i feel I have visually imprinted in my brain. Something I would not have been able to do if I had not persevered through the hurdles.  

Seriously I really do feel that as my confidence grows with the practical side of knitting, I am able to be A LOT more visual and instinctive, of course it also helps that I am not a perfectionist and i embrace my slips of concentration or miss calculations with being too hard on myself lol but with each project they are becoming less! So that’s progress right?

So keep at it!! REALLY who needs a Nintendo DS???.. Knitting and crochet IS brain training!!! {Who would have thought!!}

Friday, 11 May 2012

FO and Creative Friday - Rainbow Pogona

Hello Friday and Hello sunshine!!!

 Today has been one of them days, that started out great, but gradually got worse!, my friend came round, and somehow lost her car keys, and we have spent ALL DAY looking for them. And they seem to have vanished in to thin air!! We have pulled apart my workshop and searched every corner of my garden. But nothing!!, hoping they will reappear this weekend, as she lives 30mins away and needs her car for work..{naughty little elf’s!!!}

Anyway….I want to show you my Pogona!..The yarn is one of my hand dyed Rainbow Fantasy skeins.

Isn’t it pretty!!, I really love the colours. Only negatives are that I cast off way to tight, and I underestimated how long it was, as I didn’t want to make a shawl but a scarf, it could do with being a lot longer.{ Never mind as I will be making one again!!}

Oh and yesterday I posted a tutorial on No stress Reapering {tinking backwards} a technique I find myself using a lot, may be of some use to a few of you :D
Right I have to go pack for London, hope you all have a fantastic weekend: D

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

No Stress reapering - A Beginners Guide while I was working on my Pogona, I kept having moments of  mass destruction erm i mean distraction { soo..nothing new there}, and suddenly I would look down and realise I had kept purling in a section that required knit stitch, or vise versa and even at one point I was knitting backwards!! yes i am special!!

 Now I loath Ripping back my work, and normally I go out of my way to avoid it, so I taught myself how to rip back stitch by stitch, which really comes in handy, when you’re working on projects like the Pogona that have small sections of both knit and purl. {and of course you only have a small section that needs Reapering!!}
So here is my photo guide of how to do it, I know most of you will know how to do this already, but maybe it will be of some help for crafters who are just beginning their journey into the wonderful  world of knitting.

Edit - Just found out that Reapering {which is my name for it hehe} is actually called Tinking! which is "Knit" backwards!! - Cool huh!!

First set of Photographs are showing how to rip back a stitch Purl wise!
You can see in the above photo that purl stitch have a "Nose" {or bump if that's what you like to call it} where as the knit stitch is flat and has a "bum"{the bump is on other side of work}
Purl wise your be inserting your needle in front and underneath, once you have the stitch back on your left needle, don't be scared to pull it a part a little, so you can see whats going on.

Now slip the stitch off your right needle, don't be scared you wont drop a stitch as it is secured now on your left needle!!

Now Pull your working yarn, and that stitch on your left is ready to be "worked again!"

Continue in the same way, until you have corrected your mistake {i normally have 5 or 6 to do lol}

Remember to put your working yarn to the back before you knit or you will create a YO! {yarn over}

OK so now i am going to show you how to rip stitch by stitch knit wise.

Knit wise your be inserting your needle in the back of your stitches, in to the "bum" {or what ever you want to call it, nose and bum is easy for me to remember lol}

So your doing exactly the same as purl wise but in reverse!!

And there you have it!! No stress Reapering!!! :D

{ Bet my uneven messy lines stressed some of you out though :P}


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Working Progress Wednesday - Hichhiker

Hello Wednesday, and what a rainy miserable day it is!

Blog post is a little late today because I went shopping and brought a new outfit for a friend’s hen weekend in London this coming weekend.

I managed to find a pair of gorgeous mint stilettos {which I totally won’t be able to walk in!!} in my size!!! {Huge size 8} which is a rarity!!

 Any way back to todays topic…{lol} In Mondays post, i mentioned i was going to post a tutorial, unfortunately Monday afternoon; I had to take my youngest to A&E for his asthma, which resulted in an overnight stay, so will try and get that post up tomorrow.

 So today i want to show you my new project, the Hichhiker, which I have had to start again because my first attempt was soooo Naff!! And you guys know how relaxed I am about my knitting lol, but this was too much!! I even had to save it so I could show you!
LOL that is what happens, when i don't count rows!
Now I have started it again, I am so pleased with the results, and I love the way the pattern really shows off my Skein of Fantasy.

Last week, I started reading A women before me I am now 90% of the way through and really enjoying it, I have to say, some parts are quite sad, and I have shed a little tear or two!
The Woman Before Me

I am sooo glad I downloaded the kindle app for my phone!, because on Monday when I dashed to the hospital I had no knitting or my actual Kindle with me, Hubby stayed at home with our other two children and  as the nearest A&E  is a good 45min away I had no way of getting them to me!!
Really was a life saver! So if you have an IPhone, I recommend you download it, as you never know when your get stuck! :D

For more Wips head over to Tamis and Ginnys


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