Friday, 27 April 2012

3KCBWDay5 - My Hexipuff Evolution Vlog

I have never made a video before or used a movie editor, so I apologise if it’s not very clear. Had so much fun doing this, have been toying with the idea for a while so I am really pleased blog week has given me the opportunity to try it out. I can see more Vlog's being made in the future :D

*Close up picture of Hexipuff will be uploaded this afternoon*

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

3KCBWDAY4 - A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?

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Using the FO Friday label on the side of my blog, I just had look at some of my knitted and crochet projects from last year, and I have put together a  little collection of pictures by colour, so please excuse the messy non matching borders.
 From this process I have learnt two things! I hardly have any pink featured in my projects, but I use it A LOT when dyeing yarn and I don’t have any “summer” knits, in the summer months last year I was mainly crocheting toys or sewing dresses from vintage pillow cases and fabric scraps, and restoring furniture.

Looking at the pictures I would say Autumn/winter as a season and colours wise is my favourite,to Knit for  because I wear a lot of mustard, browns rusty reds and burnt oranges.
This week I have learnt so much about myself! Because I would have said I was a knitter for all seasons! But clearly I am not lol, I would have also have thought that how I use colour would have changed with the seasons, but from looking at these pictures, I just use colours that take my fancy at any given time :D
This year i am going to add a "summer" knit to my list of goals!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3KCBWDAY3 - Your Knitting or Crochet Hero

I will be honest I have struggled with this topic, because I don’t have a “hero” LOTS of people inspire me daily, through Blogs, Raverly and my much loved instagram feed which is the first thing I check when I open my eyes!

So I decided to write about the designers and bloggers who not only inspired but actually helped me work from a pattern!when i was starting out. {Excuse the messy Photos which will bug me for the rest of the day, because the shape and boarders don't match lol}

I have both Dyscalculia and Dyslexia, so when I first started out knitting again * , I just couldn’t get my head around the patterns, what with all the stitch counts and row numbers and increase numbers here and decreasing there, I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed.

Which is why I Love Aneeta Patel, her book the Knitty Gritty is perfect for beginners, the patterns and instruction are in such a simple format, that I was able to make my first knitted item!

Excuse the awful photo!!

Aneeta Patel learned to knit when she was about 5 years old by her right-handed aunt. This means that she knits right-handed even though she is actually left-handed!  It also means she has no barriers to teaching either left or right handed knitters. – How cool is that!!


Anneta also teaches classes in london and runs the web site knitting sos! Be sure to check her out.

My next designer has to be Emma Fassio her pattern the caponcho not only enabled me to produce a flawless FO  twice!! (a rarity even today lol), but it also introduced me to my knit pro inter-changeable needles which I covet massively and of course the magic loop!! Both of which changed the way I knit massively.

My Sister with her Caponcho!
My daughter with her Caponcho, which she still loves and wears.

Emma’s patterns are beautifully written, and her designs are stunning!! You should check them out!!

And I would like to give a mention to Sarah from Crafts of the Cwtch, who I am honoured to know in real life, Sarah is always on hand with words of encouragement, and from the start she has always answered my pleas and stilly questions without a hint of irritation lol.{Thank you Sarah xx}
Picture from Sarahs pattern page

Sarah is also a budding designer, and her pattern for Cwtchy armwarmers are perfect for a knitter new to cables! Her pattern is free and can be found on Raverly Here!

*And of course I have to mention my Great Granma Mini who taught me how to knit when I was 6, I used to love sitting beside her for hours with only the clicking of the needles breaking the silence.

Granma used to cast on my stiches and I would knit garter row after garter row! It was only when I decided to learn to knit again that I discovered that there was HUGE and exciting world beyond the garter stitch lol.

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P.S Thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments of my photo entire yesterday! xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

3KCBWDAY2 - Photography Challenge

 We discovered new species of Jellyfish while on Holiday in Egypt last week!

Did you know?

 Jellyfish are very simple animals. They're more water than anything; a typical jellyfish is 94-98% water. They also lack basic sensory organs and even a brain.

Jellyfish contract their fluid bodies to move, but are not very efficient swimmers, which is why they end up washed up on the beach.

They are older than sharks and dinosaurs, jellyfish have lived on earth for over 650 million years!

There are over 1,500 species of jellyfish in a myriad! {Well 1,5001 if you include ours ;)}

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Monday, 23 April 2012

3KCBWDAY1 - Colour Lovers

As most of you know i spend most of my days Dyeing yarn, so I am so excited to be opening KCBW with a topic I am really passionate about!!
I have all ways been fascinated with colour, when I left school at 16 I trained as a make-up artist in High fashion,  although I loved the creative aspect, it was far too fast paced for me,  I then trained in Holistic and Beauty therapies, Colour therapy being one of my favourites!
After a few years of working in salons, I had the opportunity to train as a Cosmetic tattooist where I got to work with clients who suffered with Alopecia and facial disfigurements, In 2009 I was in the process of opening my own clinic in Hove, when I found out I was pregnant with Phoenix, I am so glad that I pulled out, and placed that dream on hold, Otherwise my passion for dyeing yarn would have never been discovered and A Stash Addict Yarn wouldn’t exist.
My love of Photography, and capturing colours of the things around me, are my main inspiration when choosing colours or experimenting with colour combinations.
Just look at the stunning colours captured in these flowers, when I look at them I just want to lock myself in the work shop and get the dye pots out.
Colours don’t also have to be bright to inspire me though; the colours in this photo are equally thought provoking.
Variegated yarn is my favourite, not only to dye but to work with as well, I know some people refer to the pooling, and flashing as clown puke, but I find them exciting, and I love the way they can make other colours POP, like in these Hexipuffs where the red pooling works beautifully against the bright colours.

The other thing about variegated yarn that I love, is everything time I look at my knitting I find a pattern or colour I didn’t see before, i love the way the colours sing when next to eachother, variegated is Art to me and I can spend a fair bit of time just looking at my Pogona, which is why it’s most probably still a WIP lol
 Perfect example of Clown Puke at it's best :D
That being said, I still love working and dyeing with Solid and Semi solids, they don’t give me the same excitement or the same motivation to knit like the Variegated {AKA treasure trail yarn}, but they are practical and a necessity.
On that note i will leave you with my Favourit colour qoute
"Its is not the form that dictates the colour, but the colour that brings out the form" - Han Hofmann

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter - weekend photo's

Happy Easter!

Hope you have all had a lovely long weekend! Here it has been pretty manic, but hay nothing new there! Lol

On Friday I had a date night with my Hubby, Mum kindly spent the night at ours, so we spent the night in Brighton on the coast, and treated ourselves to some seafood and wine, was a lovely chilled evening.
Me enjoying a much need glass of wine!

On Saturday, I woke up to the grossest breakfast ever!, Hubby had obviously ticked every option available on the breakfast menu when we stumbled in Friday night, as we both had fried egg, scrambled egg,  and poached egg among other rank items such as black pudding and tinned mushrooms! Just what you need when you’re about to head out and tackle the crowds to do a spot of shopping for your holiday..NOT!!

On Sunday I woke up to thousands of amazing pictures of Easter baskets, and adults dressed in giant bunny costumes, which made me feel very guilty about the crappy chocolate Easter eggs I brought the children! So I decide to remedy this , with some Easter crafting with them.

Egg blowing, while it seemed like an awesome idea, it left me out of breath, red in the face, and with a delicate stomach… after this weekend I don’t think I could ever eat another egg again!  Children really enjoyed it though; even Phoenix had a go at egg painting, till he crushed it in his hand! Lol
Today I went my mother in laws, for an Easter egg hunt, and the most amazing roast dinner ever!

I got to hang out with the crazy gang, and have three of them staying with me until Thursday.

Oh and i got to work on my Pogona, and taught myself to finally knit in Continental, but more about that another day!  In other crafty news ,i got a mention on Crafty Crafty for all my yarn photos on instagram which made me really smile as i LOVE Instagram! And i have also started up a group on Raverly by request called A Stash Addict Yarn so every one can share projects etc  so come join in the fun!! Even if you have not tried my yarn, you can see how it knits up!! And find out what other buyers think of it :D

Well I have suite cases to pack, bums and faces to wipe, so I shall love and leave you! xx

Ps Hope you like my new blog make over :D

Thursday, 5 April 2012

How to - Cut an oinon

Ok so this may be common knowledge, but it wasn't to me until a few months ago!
One Evening i was hacking away at an onion, when I noticed my father in law standing in the door way with a horrified look upon his face, I will never forget it, he moved across the kitchen floor like a silent ninja, moved me literally aside, rolled up his sleeves, while muttering something about blunting the blade of the knife lol.

He then pulled out a fresh unharmed onion and proceeded to show me how to dissect the onion in a quick but precise and controlled manor, I was in awe!!  All these years I had been making the task so incredibly difficult for myself and wasted so much time especially as we eat onion with our dinner most nights, so now I will pass it on to you!

OK so you have your onion and a sharpe knife and your cutting board {mine is glass!}

You want to slice the top end off first leaving the bottom {root} intact.

Now with the root side on top make one slice from top to bottom

Now peel the layers off all the way round.

So now you should have a nice clean onion ready for dissecting.

OK so now you want to make slices from top to bottom all the way around the onion bearing in mind the wider the cuts the chunkier the onion pieces will be! but don't space them overly close as you don't want the onion to fall apart.

When you are happy with your spacing turn the onion on its side and slice away!!.

Keep slicing till you get all the way to the root, oh yes your find no waste here!!!

TA DA!! Diced onion!! quick, easy, and no mess!!!


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