Friday, 23 March 2012

Lack of time management :(

No I have not dropped off of the face of the earth, I am just crazy busy at the moment! My lack of time management skills are very apparent and getting me down!! So if any one has any advice on how to pull my socks up and become a multi-tasking genius please I beg you, get in touch!!

if you follow me on Facebook and twitter, you would have already by now know that I am moving   
 A Stash Addict Yarn, into its own online shop, and will be stocking other products I use and love, such as knit pro and clover crochet hook, amongst other things. {Super excited about this!}

Because my multi-tasking skills are pretty non-existent, i just have not found the time to knit, or crochet or blog *crys* so while it wouldn’t most likely be a problem for the average person, to design a shop, write up content, retake Photos of all the yarn, dye yarn, make Mini skeins, contacting suppliers etc, at the same time as trying to tame a boisterous 2 year old and other mother and wifely duty’s ..It’s taking me AGES {ok it’s only been a week} but I am getting huge knitting withdrawals!

Don't get me wrong, I am not moaning about the "work" because I LOVE it, I just wish I wasn't so crap at everything else that is required of being a work at home mum!

There must be a brain training camp i can enlist myself on!!{ i am being totally serious!!} Because missing this vital part of my brain function makes everything twice as hard and takes twice as long!!!

Whoa this turned into a mini rant!!... hehehe.

I will be back soon :D xx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Fo and Creative Friday - Yarn Bomb

Hello Friday *waves excitedly*

Today i decided to do a bit of yarn bombing on my workshop *grins* i have had a stack of granny squares from when i started to learn how to crochet last year, just sat on the side looking all sad and neglected!

So i thought i would put them to good use and bomb the beam outside my workshop door!


Now i have a lovely view when i look out of my window, and the granny squares look happy :D
Have a lovely weekend every one!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday {14-3-12} Mini Madness

Hello Wednesday,

Wow you flew by quickly!, I think this is the first time in
a long time that I don’t have any actual progress on my active WIPs *crys*

BUT I have been working like a very busy bee the last few days dyeing
and making Mini Skeins (10g and 40 meters/44yards of yummy 4ply) for Etsy..which I am just loving at the moment, even to
the extent of promising myself to make a Hexipuff out of each colour way I produce,
I really love this idea because I fall in love with each skein I dye and
sometimes it is really hard parting with them lol (mini skeins are great for small colour work too! So i have no excuse now *gulp*)

So any way here are the sneak peeks of the Mini’s I have
made so far :D

Me in my yarn element :D

To the left i have the Mini Witch colour way, which consist of colours mixed with black and grey tones, and to the right is a Mini Bow which will consist of my Rainbow colourways.

Above are the First "official"Mini Skein and will be called Mini Fancies as the colours are inspired by my fantasy range, i then have the artist pallet which i am making into skein's tonight so have no pictures yet.

Well i better get on, i am itching to make a Hexipuff, which will be my reward once i have finished, and to get to, actually finishing off my Pogona!!

Hope your all having a great week! for more WIP visit Tami's and Frontier dreams

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weekends Ramblings and Pictures

I am late posting this week, partly because of the awful hangover i have been getting over! But mostly because i have been busy dyeing and making mini skeins for the Etsy shop, which are just adorable.

This weekend I went to London with my hubby and a couple of friends for a night out,we had dinner, watch the sunset over London, it was really good, but wow am i suffering because of it! Can not handle my hangovers like i used to! {is that a sign of ageing or am i just whimp lol?}

while cleaning out the cupboards i found a hat i knitted for Phoenix before he was born, its a BASIC envelope hat with tassel's, which came out HUGE lol but it looks really cute on him now, and he seems to enjoy wearing it lol

I have not managed to get any knitting or Crochet done which kills me, as i REALLY want to work on my Pogona, but tonight will be spent making up more mini skeins,  which reminds me, i think will do a tutorial on how to use a niddy noddy, because last night i spent ages trying to work it out!! lol and i couldn't find any good visual instructions to help!

Will be back tomorrow with a sneak peek of the mini skeins xx

Friday, 9 March 2012

Fo and Creative Friday

Hello Friday!!

Yay it's the weekend!!! Hope you all have fun stuff planned? I am off to London with hubby and a couple of friends for a rare night on the town, and i am actually looking forward to dusting off my dancing shoes and drinking some nice wine :D

Any way, a very small, and silly/cute FO from me today, i have been wanting a bow for ages, so i made one up last night out of a combo of  Treble and Double crochet St, super quick and fun to make!

I also think that a Silly Fo warrants silly pictures :D

Have  a Fab weekend xxx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {07-03-12} Granny is cool

Hello Wednesday *waves*
Argh and what a windy, gloomy day it is in West Sussex! Since last week, I really have not achieved as much as I would have liked, Phoenix had problems with his asthma this weekend which resulted in a couple of A +E trips on Saturday, Poor boy has come down with a horrid virus so he is still feeling lousy and just wants snuggles with mummy.
I Did however manage to get My Classic Granny Square tutorial done, and up on the blog on Monday, Crochet IMO is so much easier to learn when you have a visual guide , so I hope my tutorial is clear and easy to follow, and that it helps someone wanting to have a go at making those addictive yummy squares.
I have only managed to complete three squares since Friday, and few rows on my Pogona, which I was working on last night, I have noticed that have somehow managed to move the stitch markers along and out of position in one section of the pattern! How I managed that I do not know! Thankfully I noticed before too much damage was done! But I am not going to rip back; I will do more harm than good! {Haha thankfully I am not a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting! Otherwise I would never get anything done!}
For other WIP visit Tamis :D

Monday, 5 March 2012

Classic Granny Square Tutorial

This Pattern has been around for decades, and since I am such spring chicken, I couldn’t possibly get away with claiming it as my own!;D   The purpose of this tutorial is to give you a step by step photographic guide on how I do my Granny square.{ It is by no means the “right” or only way of making a Granny square :D}
I hope this Tutorial helps, stepping out in to the addictive world of Granny making an easy one :D
Ok so for this tutorial you will need to know how to chain and Slip stitch
The Main Stitch used is the UK treble (TR) stitch. {This is equivalent to the US double (DC) stitch but I will be using the UK terminology for this Tutorial}
The UK treble st, is made by firstly wrapping your yarn over your crochet hook {ignore what’s happing underneath the hook, we will come back to that later}

Now you’re going to put your hook, with the wrapped over yarn into your stich or space and pull through the yarn..Now you should have THREE stiches on your hook.
Now this time instead of sticking hook into the space to pull yarn,  wrap your hook around your yarn as if you were going to make a chain stitch only difference is your  pulling through TWO stiches leaving Two left on your hook {like in photo}
Repeat the above step again, and you should be left with one stitch on your hook! You have now completed a Tr stitch {yay} now repeat all over again a Another two times in the same space and you will have a Treble cluster!!

You should end up with something like this *please note that in this picture the chain st on the right is acting as one of my three Tr sts
Ok so now I will move on to the pattern, please note that I did the first section in a different coloured yarn, as the red doesn’t like the camera very much, I then switch back in section 2, so don’t let that confuse you lol, also i have the photos placed ABOVE each step :D

Start by chaining 4 and joining to make a circle {so once you make your chain 4, stick your hook through the last chain from the hook, and sl st}
Now chain 3 to create the height of your treble st.
Make 2 TR st into the centre of the ring {your chain 3 acts as your third stitch}, then chain 2.  {The chain 2 is to separate it from the next cluster thereby creating a space for you to work in later, also note that chain 2 makes the corners for the square.)

Make 3 TRs into the ring, and chain 2. This is your 2nd cluster.
Make two more clusters separated by 2 chains. After you have made your fourth cluster you need to chain 2.
Join your chain 2 to the, the top/Last stitch of the chain 3 we made at the start {the chain that makes one of your TR st in the 1st cluster} Join it with a slip stitch, and tie off your yarn, leaving a tail  !} Now feel free to SQUEEEEE because, congratulations you have finished round one!! :D
Join your next colour by tying it as tightly and as close to the knot as you can. Then, pull the yarn through to the front and chain 3. {Make sure after you tie your yarn, that you have the RIGHT side facing you when you pull the yarn through!}

Make only 2 TR stitches into the same space as your chain 3. This is your first cluster of this round. {All of your clusters will be made in the chain spaces, created by the chain 2 in the previous round.} then chain 2
Chain 2 (or one I just prefer the look of a chain 2) and then make 3 TR stitches into the next corner space.
Chain 2, and make another cluster of 3 TR stitches into the same corner space. This makes your corner!!.{Some folk prefer to make 3 chains in their corners have a play and see what works for you! }
Chain 2, and then make another corner {so a cluster of 3 TR stitches, a chain 2, and another cluster of 3 TR stitches} in the same space into the corner of the first round like you did previous.
 Continue around the square, making sure you remembering that the corners have chain 2 in them, and that the sides have a chain 2 space!
When you get back to the start, make a cluster of 3 TRs into the corner space where you started, chain 2, and join it to the top/last chain of the chain 3. Like you did in the previous round…{yay 2nd round complete!!}
Tie off your yarn, join your next colour, bring it through to the front (with right side facing you) and then chain 3 and make your next cluster {remembering that the chain 3 acts as one of your Tr st} and Chain 2
Now Make one TR cluster into the next space, and then chain 2. Now it is time to make a corner remembering to make 2 TR clusters with a chain 2 in the same space {I am sure you have the hang of it now!!}
Repeat this process all the way around the square. Remembering that You are now making sides as well as corners from now on, so you need to make one cluster in each non-corner space/side space. These are separated by chaining 2.
When you get back to the beginning, make one TR cluster in the corner space where you started, chain 2, and then join it to the top/ last chain of the initial chain 3 of the first cluster. Now a major squeee because you have completed 3 rounds!!
Now this is where the fun really starts, you can make your granny square as big as you want!! All you need to remember is your side clusters will increase with each round, but your corners will always stay the same! { see easy once you know how!!}
For my blanket I will be making lots of medium size squares like the one pictured and then joining them together {I will be making a Tutorial for this as well}, but you could make one HUGE square as your completed blanket, or lots of small squares in an endless combo of colours, this where you really get to turn a Classic Granny in to a unique blanket.
All the Yarn in this tutorial are made by Style craft, I like to use acrylic yarn for my blankets. Because they get a lot of use by my children, and get dirty quickly so being able to wash them for me is essential.
 I would love to see the squares you make, feel free to link your FO to my Face book Page for everyone to Admire :D

And the Rainbow Give away winner is.......

And the Winner is ..........

Pretty Mades


Congratulations!! I can't waite to see what you make with it! Be sure to add your FO the Facebook page with your your blog link, for every one to see  and drool over :D

Everyone else thank you so much for taking part, if you still want to get your hands on a Rainbow Skein i sell them in my Etsy shop, with new ones added all the time in the Rainbow Fantasy section. {With Rainbow DK being added soon!!} 

Oh and those of you who follow my Face book page, free feel to link your blog to my page! :D


Friday, 2 March 2012

FO and Creative Friday....{02-03-12} Colour feast

Happy Friday *Grins*

What do you have planned for this weekend?  My house will be a full one, and on Sunday we will be visiting our favourite place called Fishers Farm with 7 children *yikes* Can’t Waite :D
My FOs  this week, is my first {of many} completed crochet Granny square, which the progress can be followed on the Tuesdays “ One a day” from next week, not sure how many squares I will end up with, as I am just going to keep going until all the yarn is gone, I brought two balls in each colour, so I am guessing quite a few :D
What do you think of the colours? When I started last night, I wasn’t too keen on the shade of green I had chosen, but it is growing on me now.
I couldn’t get to unravel this year, so I dyed myself some yarn this week, and I cannot Waite to finish my Pogona so I can cast on something else.
The first two yarns are what I call my artist pallet and the third is another Rainbow, which I just LOVE and I hoping to make my first pair of socks with this one {squeeee}
Talking of Rainbows, My Rainbow yarn Give away ends this Sunday! so you still have time to sign up if you Havant yet.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
For more creative Fridays Click here, and for Tamis FO Friday Click here :D and a new one this week Wisdom Begins in Wonder


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