Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {28-02-12} exciting news

Hello wednesday *Waves*

Frist off let me say a huge thank you to everyone that has signed up for my Rainbow yarn give away, if you Havant yet don’t worry it’s not too late! Giveaway ends this Sunday!
Aside from all the Rainbow madness, I have a special WIP to tell you guys about, Last week I got a message from Lauren O’Farrell {aka Deadly Knitshade} Author of Stitch London and Knit in the city, i can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was about this, I am a big fan of Laurens work and stalk her all over the net! So it was such an honour to be asked if I would like to custom dye some yarn for her new book “Stitch New York” now obviously I can’t go in to details, but I can with Laurens permission show you the yarn I dyed for her
I can’t Waite until the book comes out, so I can see the finished objects.
{My yarn in a book!! How awesome is that!!}
Made quite a bit of progress with the Pogona snice last week, this is my favourite knit to date; the pattern is brilliant at show casing my gorgouse Rainbow yarn, and it breaks up the purl rows which is always a big thumbs up from me lol
I also have another WIP in the works, I have ordered some Style craft in rainbow colours {of course} and I am going to make myself a crochet blanket comprised with granny squares and a knitted flower in the centre of each one, the design is in my head at the moment and I am just working out how I am going to work my rounds, but I am hoping this is a “one a day project” I can actually stick to hehe.
On the yarn side of things, I have been working on some witches brew colourways, so if you like black, with splashes of colour look out for shop updates on Twitter and Facebook.
On Friday I will be back with some Yarn porn, until then have a great week everyone  xx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Squeeee The Rainbow Give-Away!!

I am so excited about this give away! Everyone needs a rainbow in their life!!
I really hope the winner gets as much enjoyment out of this yarn, as I did creating it.
Why do I love rainbows? The answer is easy, the colours ignite my creative mind, it fills me with inspiration, and just by looking at all the colours in perfect synergy makes me feel extremely happy, I just can’t help but smile, so it’s a huge dose of colour therapy all in one hit…but for quarter of the price lol : D  {or for FREE in this case!!}
Ok so on to the serious bit hehe, this give away is open for worldwide entries, all I asked is that you’re a follower of my blog and Facebook page, {I ask this because I want one of my readers to win its only fair on you guys!}
The Giveaway will end on Sunday the 4th of March at midnight, and the winner will be announced on the 5th which is the Monday.
To enter leave a comment below with a way of contacting you like an e-mail or link.

Now on to the prizes , up for grabs is one skein of Rainbow yarn, a set of Rainbow stitch markers handmade by me, an iron on “I love Rainbow” patch from forbidden planet , and some sachets of kool aid so you can try your hand at dyeing your own yarn
 * please note my rainbow yarn is NOT dyed using kool aid! so you wont get the same colours* :D
Good luck every one!!
Ps. the Rainbow yarn and Stitch markers are my FO this week so i am linking up with Tamis and Linda, for other FO and Creative fridays click the links, have a brilliant weekend everyone :D

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {22-02-12} Rainbow Madness


Hello Wednesday *waves*
It’s all Rainbow madness in my house at the moment, what with me knitting the Pogona in my hand dyed yarn, and updating my Etsy shop with all my Rainbow and Fantasy colour ways, and not forgetting more Rainbow dyeing will be taking place over the next few days LOL
Now that i have finished my Peacock cardigan (you can see FO Here) the Pogona was just what i needed to get me inspired to knit again, initially when I looked at the pattern, I was a bit confused if I was getting the set up rows correct, last year I would have ether ran a mile in the other direction or begged for help lol, so I am quite proud of myself for sticking with it and working it out on my own.
Now I know what I am doing, I am really enjoying the rows and watching it grow, I think the Rainbow yarn works beautifully with the pattern, and I can’t Waite to wear it when it is done :D
So on to the pictures, I have taken pictures of both the right side and wrong side, because the variation of the yarn and stitches are just stunning even if I do say so myself :D

Ok may have over done it with the pictures, but I just couldn’t choose between them! The first couple of pictures show the “wrong side” but I think it is equally as pretty: D
In light of all this Rainbow Madness, I announced on my Facebook page yesterday that I felt it was only right to have a Rainbow give away {squeee} this afternoon I will dyeing a skein of yarn for one you lucky readers, and there will also be a few other rainbow themed prizes as well :D but I will save that for Friday.{ If you’re a “liker” on my Facebook page your get a sneak preview later }
I have also been making Stitch markers, and wrote a Tutorial yesterday which can be seen here :D
Hope you have a lovely day everyone :) xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How i Make...

Stitch Markers
Tonight I have been making more stitch markers so I thought I would show you how I make them :D
So I have my wire, my beads, some round nose pillars and a crochet Hook
*wire- I can’t for the life of me, remember the thickness I brought, but you don’t want it to thick as it’s hard to shape, and you don’t want it to thin, that it will bend out of shape easily.
**Beads – seed beads are the best shape and size to hook the left over metal round, and I think give a nice finish to your stitch marker.
***Ball nose pillars – you can get these in both hardware and hobby stores, these pillars are great for shaping your markers, without cutting the actual wire.
****Crochet hook – (you can use needles) I use mine so I know what size needles my markers are going to fit :D

Ok so to start with you take your length of wire, and crochet hook and make a loop
Use your pillars to twist the wire, this bit can be tricky! but once you get going it's super easy!

I twisted mine to the end, but you can also cut one part of the wire further up so it's hidden under the bead. {which is neater}

Now add your beads, this is the fun part :D
End with your seed bead, making sure you have enough wire left over, if it is to long then cut to size.

Now with your pillars bend the remaining wire over the side of your seed bead to secure, if the wire is long enough you can poke the end into the decorative bead, in this case the flower to stop the wire end from snagging.

To make crochet markers I use earring hooks, that you can buy online or from a hobby store!
 It really is that easy!! And not forgetting fun!! If you make any be sure to post them on my facebook page so we can Admire them :D
Oh and any questions just ask! xx


Monday, 20 February 2012

Magical mystery tour – Uncovered

After a stressful and very emotional few weeks, a weekend away with hubby, without the children was very much needed.
We set off on Friday afternoon, and I didn’t have a clue where he was taking us, it soon become apparent that we were headed down to the New forest, which is a special place for us, because it was where we spent our first ever weekend away together back in the courtship days :D
The New forest is magical, not only is scenery beautiful, you have wild ponies roaming around and the whole place is rooted with so much history.

On Friday night we stayed at the Rhinefield House Hotel, which is situated deep into the New forest  and literally took my breath away as we pulled up into the drive, such a beautiful building and a building with such dark history.
On Saturday we headed over to Beaulieu, on the way through the village there was some wild ponies grazing on the side of the road, so hubby slowed down so I could take some pictures, the pony then decided to walk around the car and stick his head in hubbies window for a stroke..was a magical moment.
Once in Beaulieu we visited the motor museum, where I got to see Ron Weasleys dads car from Harry Potter, also Mr beans and The Trotters three wheeler lol and the James bond collection of original vehicles  “Bond in motion, 50 vehicles 50 years” which hubby really enjoyed :D
We also had a look in Beaulieu Abbey and Palace house and walked the grounds before heading off and find a nice pub to grab some lunch.

 Saturday night we stayed in a cute cottage hotel in Lyndhurst, {Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Alice in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, is buried there in the village} and spent most of Sunday in bed {sleeping!!} before heading back home and collecting the children.
All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and one I will never forget :D


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