Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Due to a sudden tragic death in my family this weekend, I am taking time off blogging for a little while.

Understandably our world has been tipped up side down, and I need to find my feet again.

I will be back, just need to get my family through these couple of weeks
Losing a sibling is incredibly hard.

My brother in law was very much loved, and will be extremely missed by all that knew him.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - {25-01-12} Balance

Morning Wednesday :D

Frist off I am pleased to say that I have made more progress on my Cardigan, really, REALLY want to get it finished, it should have been completed weeks ago! {I STILL have Phoenix’s one to complete *sigh*}
At the moment, I am trying to find a balance, you know when you discover something new; it excites and inspires you while totally consuming you at the same time?! Well that’s where I am at with the doll
My little Vampire
 customising, to the point that I am even dreaming about my next projects lol
My head is just spinning with ideas, and I feel a bit torn and almost guilty for neglecting my yarn, as I have a long list of knitting/crochet projects plus sewing projects, Doll carving projects, and yet I am not getting anything done because I don’t know where to start. {Starting to feel creative over load lol}
Which is why I am so thankful for the arrival of my un dyed yarn {squeee} means I can just take a few days and get lost in colours and centre myself, I REALLY love dyeing, for me it’s a creative release, when I dye yarn it’s all free form, I don’t have a plan, I just run with it and its quite exhilarating and liberating at the same time, the only down side of course is most of the time I can’t recreate the skeins I love lol but that’s the beauty of hand painted yarn.
Right well I have 60 skeins to play with, I will be back Friday with sneak preview :D {if you follow me on facebook and instagram, brace yourself  for a yarn porn spam over the next few days :D}
For now head over to Tamis for more wonderful works of progress!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Taking a stand Against SOPA & PIPA

Button designed by the very cute and oh soo lovely  Becky Farley

Inspired by Becky i have made my own button to show my Support! you can find my button in my side bar, and your welcome to use my button on your site {or why not design your own!)

 If your from the UK and want to understand how SOPA and PIPA will effect you, i have added a few links for you to read!!

If your from the USA you can follow this link and sign the petition takeaction {i have tired to sign it but you need a vaild Zip code}

Worldwide Petition!!! {Thanks Meeni for the link :D xx}

 To sum things up, if your an avid user of google, blogger, wordpress, flickr, twitter, pinterest, and my Fav instagram! this will effect you :(

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {18-1-12} Ground Hog day??

Well almost, I have only done a few rows on the Peacock cardigan! Quite shameful really seeing as it’s well on its way to being completed.
This past week I have been bitten by the customising bug, and attempted to re-root my Blythe with some lush fibre I dyed, unfortunately the fibre is too short for the look I wanted so I have pulled it all out which is a bit gutting as I have spent a lot of time this week doing it..but hay ho it’s all part of learning lol i manage a little crochet FO though!{You can read more about that if you wish on my other blog}
Talking about wasting time which seems to be a theme for me this week! *sigh* I wanted to knit a blythe dress, found a pattern that called for 2.75mm needles so got all excited as I thought perfect opportunity to test run my Blackthorn DPNs and it just left me feeling I had pissed £25 up the wall!
I don’t know if it down to my un experienced hands, but I found them to be unbelievably grippy thus making my tension stupidly tight , I struggled and kept frogging back my work for two nights and in the end they were making my hands ache from having to fight with them to move the stiches so I admitted defeat  and cast on with my Knit pros, and honestly the difference was so profound that I literally sighed with relief!
Moving on, look what landed this morning!! I haven’t had a chance to read through them all yet but all look lovely a first glance!

Right i have had my moan ;) I am going to go pour myself a cuppa and chill myself out lol while i catch up with everyone else progress this week on Tamis
Thanks for popping by!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekend Ramblings and Pictures ~ Birthday Girl :D

After a week of illness, a weekend of fun was just what the doctor ordered!! :D
On Friday my little princess turned 7, so this weekend has been spent celebrating with family, on Saturday we went bowling then had pizza hut, in the evening Sophia and I had a nail art painting session {I suck at nail art, but she enjoyed it.}

Today, Sophia and I spent the afternoon in the shubby shed, Sophia asked for Blythe for her birthday, so I have ordered her a clone, {which is half the price} and she wanted to make her a house out of a cardboard box and some left over wrapping paper {this kid is so darn cute!}, while I tried to finish my re-root, which I based on my “mermaids” hair fantasy yarn colour ways, having worked on it for the best part of a week, I am gutted with the realisation that the Wensleydale fibre  is just too short for the look I want, which is a shame as the colours are stunning.
All the books I ordered the week before should arrive this week, so I can get started on my Goals list, and more importantly that first sock I have been putting off! :D
Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {11-01-12} Peacock

Hello Wednesday *waves*
If you read my weekends ramblings, then you would have already learnt that my house has been plagued with illness, and even though that sucks, and I had big blogging plans, it has given me ample catch up time with my peacock cardigan :D
As you can see from photo’s I just have the front of the left side to complete, then on to the rib edging and button holes.
I have also made a start on my Blythe Customising, and because I know Blythe isn’t for everyone {she is a bit like marmite lol} I have started a new blog called A Stash Addict and Blythe. Where I will share my progress, and tutorials on how to customise your own dolls, from face carving to re-re-rooting with mohair, and also sewing and knitting projects for them.. {oh and I have three more Blythe and two Hujoo dolls {BJD} on the way, one of which will be turned into a fairy, with wings and all :D}
Have a lovely day everyone, I am going to try snuggle with my little Phoenix and Giant Ted while I catch up at Tamis

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Weekend Ramblings and Pictures ~ Plagued

Our house has been plagued with Tonsillitis,and with all five of us ill, all the big plans I had for this week have gone out the window! *big sigh*
so...Instead here are some pictures from the weekend.LOL
My friend Lucie {on right} and I at my hubby's party
The cake I had made for Hubby :D
Hungover cuddles with Giant Teddy, that we brought home for Phoenix
Phoenix trying to carry giant teddy, he kept falling on to it :D
Last Giant Teddy Picture!  lol
Sophia having Snuggles on her giant dog looking all ill.
Lastly a little dress, Sophia cut out of felt, and then needle punched with fibre and used her machine to sew together, she also made her first pattern template :D

I have on the other hand made loads of progress with my peacock cardigan, which I will be back tomorrow for Work In Progress Wednesday :D
I have also been working on my Blythe, but i know people get creeped out by them, so I have started a New Blog to share my customising adventures and patterns :D for those are interested

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {04-01-12} The New Year

Hello Wednesday  *waves excitedly* Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! And I wish you all a Happy New year!!
To be honest I didn’t manage to get a lot of Knitting over the Christmas break, but I did get “some” done so I am quite pleased with that!
I have mainly been focusing on Sophia’s peacock cardigan, as I REALLY want to get both the peacock and the muse finished ASAP {Sophia is also getting rather impatient lol}
My last WIP round up before Christmas can be found here, as you can see from the last progress picture I have managed to get a quite a bit more done, so I am happy with that.
Will also have learnt from my last round up that I brought a load of DPNs to conquer my fear of them, the Hexipuff that I started has been frogged as I decide that the yarn was far to yummy, and needs to be worn, not sat on lol.
So I started a new one using my 10cm knit pros, but because I had far too much wine on that particular evening, I have somehow reversed the stiches and now have a few rows of garter {I KNOW lol} so that has to be frogged, but to be honest I am no that fussed as for me I am just using the hexipuff as a start point to get comfortable working with more than two needles :D  
The last WIP that I am going to talk about today is the cross stitch square that I brought from hobby craft BEFORE Christmas, now I am particularly feeling rather proud of myself, because I have avoided these and anything else with a chart for YEARS!! Because maths is a very weak point for me, I have Dyscalculia  and find it hard to visualise numbers in my head, when looking at the charts beforehand I just automatically told myself I wouldn’t be able to do it, which I realise now, was incredibly silly and typical of me.
If you read my Crafting goals post then you would already know that I am setting out this year to literally KICK myself out of my comfort zone! And teaching myself how to read and work from Knitting/ Crochet Chart is one of the Goals
So I thought ok, it’s a nice small project it’s not knitting or crochet BUT it’s a chart!! lol, I will be honest my eyes even glazed over as I took out the packet and tried to make sense of the instructions, once I found the centre {and mine} got that first stitch in , took a deep breath I realised ok I can do this its only counting :D {And thankfully I CAN count lol} and actually its quite fun! And the crosses are quite pretty, feels like with each one I am giving myself little kisses :D
So yes feeling rather good, that I have pushed myself in the right direction!! *self-high Fives*
With all my craft goals in mind I went on a amazon book spending spree and in the next few days I will have quite a few knitting books to keep me inspired and hopeful teach me some stuff :D
·         Toe-up-2-at-a-time socks by Melissa morgan-oakes
·         Getting started knitting sock by Ann Budd
·         Easy guild to cable knitting by lynn Watterson
·         The essential guide to colour knitting by Margaret Radcliffe
·         The knitting Answer book by Margaret Radcliffe
·         The crochet Answer book by Edie Eckman
·         Adorable Knits for tiny tots by Zoe Mellor
·         Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger
·         Vampire Knits {squeee really excited by this one!!}
Will give a review of all the books , once I have read them :D
Right well that’s it from me today, need to head into town and replenish my fridge and cupboards with non crappy calorific foods!! {New Year, New diet and all that Jazz!}
Have a fantastic day everyone!!! xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Birthday Wishes ~ A Good Wife!

Today I am trying hard to be a “good” wife and not spend all my free time with my guilty pleasures, Even though in reality all I can think about, is the rows I need to finish on my peacock cardigan, I keep Longley looking at my yarn and needles itching to get them back in my hands so I can get lost in the stiches.
But today is my wonderful Hubby’s 30th birthday, and even though is highly supportive of my yarn addiction,{ and also the first one to admit he doesn’t understand the attraction lol} I think sometimes he must  feel that he is placed 2nd in the rankings lol
So today, even though the weather has been horrendous, {floods and trees in the roads} we took a road trip to meet family for lunch. {I left my knitting at home! always knit in the car lol}

Phoenix really seemed to enjoy pudding , literally shoving his hands in to it, then holding his hands up making monster noises at us all {table next to us was horrified and not amused at all!} Didn’t help that my sister in law found it all rather hilarious so in turn made Phoenix worse!
Mother in law sneaked in a cake for him which the staff brought out at the end..what he doesn’t know is that I have had a cake made for him that has a baby photo on it for the party I put together this weekend.
The cards I had made on Moon pig, turned out great, and he seemed really pleased when opening them this morning.
Tomorrow hubby goes back to work, my children back to school {well the older two} and life can regain some normality again, which I can’t say I not pleased about lol as much as I love having everyone home, it will be nice to get back into my work shop again, and not feel guilty about giving my much needed creative time some attention.  
And although I am not actually going to be knitting tonight, snuggling on the sofa with hubby with my kindle reading about knitting isn’t cheating is it???? *Grins*
Well that’s it from me tonight, I am ready getting signals for being on my laptop to long lol,.. *rolls eyes* 
Tomorrow I will be back with my WIP :D
Night All xx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Crafting Goals & 20% off Code for Etsy

Happy New Year Everyone, hope you’re not feeling to hung over from the celebrations last night!
I have been thinking a lot lately, about the direction I want to take my crafting, and I have decided that if I want to improve on my skills and get a much more better understanding of the crafts I do and love, I need to give myself a good kick out of my comfort zone.
So with this in mind I have compiled some lists lol
·         Conquer fear of DPNs {have already made a start on this one}
·         Stop being a wimp of socks and actually make a pair!
·         Cables
·         Knitting with more than one colour yarn at once
·         Garment adult sized {lol}
·         To better my actual technique of knitting, because at the moment I really don’t have one
·         Teach myself to read a knitting chart
·         Have a go at colour Motifs
·         Knit using more textured stitch patterns
·         Design a knitting pattern of my own.
·         Turn some of my Amigurumi designs in to actual readable patterns
·         Finish my vintage granny square cape
·         Design some garments
·         Have a go at more crochet Stitch Variations
·         learn Tunisian Crochet

·         Educate myself  and dedicate more time to my spinning wheel
·         Actually pull my finger out and paint the wheel itself

Everything else
·         Give my sewing machine more attention, teach Sophia how to use and care for hers.
·         Improve my Embroidery skills
·         Expand my Rainbow yarn range
·         Actually produce a lot more finished objects then I have this year!! Lol
Personal Goals
·         Better time management
 {stop wasting so much time talking about crafting and actually get on and do it lol}
·         See a project through to the end.
{not get bored half way through, and never pick it up again}
·         Write things down clearly so when I go back to my notes, I can actually understand my own instructions lol
·         When I have an idea jot it down straight away, to avoid hours of trying to remember what it was at a later date.
I am sure there is a lot more lol like lose weight and exercise to name but a few {but let’s not think about them yet! *grabs another biscuit*} I have to say I am really excited about what lies ahead this year, and to mark the occasion I am also giving 20% off in my Etsy shop with the Code NY2012 for the rest of January.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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