Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WIP - it real good!

Whoa I have not joined in with WIP for a couple of weeks now so I have a few “new” projects to share with you.

Frist up is my not so willow cowl, I got bored during the lace section and started doing my own thing (never a good thing I am sure!) but I am assured it still looks pretty lol

I am using a skein of BFL Mermaids hair, from my fantasy collection and it’s a dream to knit with, even if I do say so myself :)


My other project is a Snood I am designing using ClassicRainbow from my Rainbow DK pairs collection.

This is my first attempt at a knitting pattern and I am actually enjoying the process! :) I just hope I can find some patient design testers to help me with the final write up!

When I am not Dyeing, knitting or thinking about crochet I can be found making Stitch markers, I am really, really enjoy making these! I never use to “get” bead making before! But now I can totally see why people get obsessed with jewellery making!  I can spend HOURS searching for unusual and cute beads to add to my collection.




Designer Ruth from Rock & Purl seems to love hers, so they must be alright *grins*

Those who follow me on instagram, will know all about my obsession with Skulls, I absolutely love them, and now have quite a good collection of different ones.
I know they aren’t everyone cup of tea, but so far they are going down a treat, I am also working on a collection of shawl pins! And I cannot wait to wear them this winter!!



 Some of you will know I started my first sock club, and while it’s exciting to dye “surprise” yarn for the member’s, it’s also quite nerve wracking as you don’t know if they are going to like it or not!
Now that all the members have received this month’s parcel, I can show you the two colours that went out.

For the Semi Solids I dyed a skein of Merino blended with Silk and Sparkle, ombre in tones of Blue, they also got a welcome letter, with a 15% code for everything in the shop, a coordinating stitch markers and personalised badges.

For my Fantasy Club, I dyed a beautiful Rainbow in the same fibre blend. I am really looking forward to sending out next month package!!

Have a fantastic day everyone xx


  1. LOVE those stitch markers! I've added the fruit ones to my wishlist :) Do you ship internationally? (In this case internationally = Denmark ;) )

  2. Haha glad it's not just me who ends up doing their own thing when they get tired of a pattern.
    The rainbow yarn is delish! So cool and with the way Autumn seems to be coming on so rapidly it won't be long until you need it.
    So wish I had joined the club :(

    1. oooooooh goodie just in time to be the perfect Christams pressie!

  3. I love seeing your pics on instagram!
    Such fab projects Danielle, seriously you can't have time to be sleeping, you wear me out just reading about everything that you do! Totally amazing & extremely inspiring!


  4. Oh goodness, I love beads! When I was in high school, I worked at a summer camp and was in charge of their arts and crafts section. The beads that I got to play with, so much fun!

  5. I'm totally into skulls too! Love the colors!

  6. I love beads too. I like searching for weird an unusual ones, because its like a treasure hunt.

  7. I am totally with you on the stitch markers! I absolutely love playing with beads! Everything is so colorful, it's awesome!!

  8. I love the pink skulls with dice!!!

  9. I like your stitch markers!! :-)

  10. Oh, my goodness... both of those yarns you're using are AMAZING colorways!!!

  11. Your stitch markers are RAD! They're totally my cup of tea. ;-)

  12. I love the skulls. I know skulls are really popular in Mexican culture.

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