Friday, 21 September 2012

Tiny FO and Bags of love review

 I get so much scrap yarn from making mini skeins, and some of them I just cannot bring myself to put in the bird feeder I Know I am selfish!  But I am sure there are lots of multi coloured nests all over my neighbourhood from all the other bits I left out in spring!

Any how I decided to make myself a plaited bracelet, in my trademark colours Rainbow yarn, and pink, purple and teal skull beads! 


Last night when I used a safety pin  to attached it to the cushion while plaiting , I came over all nostalgic lol, in my teens I used to regularly pitch up in the street around Camden market in London and create hair warps and bracelets for people walking by! - *sigh* those where fun care free times :)

The Review

About 8 weeks ago a company called Bags of love e-mailed me and asked if I wanted to review one of their products. I jumped at the chance because I have been looking for a new bag to carry my knitting around for me.

I went for a canvas shopper and sent them two of my favourite pictures to have printed on either side.  Two days later I took delivery and was absolutely ecstatic when I opened the box to see my gorgeous bag.
Pictures taken 8 weekes a go!
  The canvas on the outer is of really high quality, lovely and smooth to the touch! My images are clear and colourful couldn’t find a fault at all! The handles are real leather for strength and support, and the lining is water proof, which for me is fantastic as I constantly have my children’s drinks and bottles in my bag! it also makes this bag really versatile to take swimming or the beach!

Inside the bag itself you have two huge, deep pockets which are perfect if you carry a lot stuff round!! I normally have nappies wipes and asthma pump in one side, my purse, phone hair brush, lip blame and spray in the other, leaving the actual bag section free for my knitting, books and parcels and whatever other stuff I may need to carry on that given day!

In the last two months this bag has pretty much gone everywhere with me (Haven, Cornwall, Beach, swimming baths, Post office runs, town shopping etc), and has been filled with all sorts of stuff from nappies to rocks lol

I can honestly say this bag looks as good as the day it arrived! No wear on the leather handles (those who know me KNOW I never travel light!!)  The inside of the bag, being wipe-able stays lovely and clean (unlike my other bags which are toxic eek!)   And surprisingly the canvas on the outside has stayed clean despite me chucking on the floor everywhere I went!  

Pictures taken this morning!

So conclusion: 

Would I buy this bag?? - YES without a doubt,  I am going to buy myself another, because it’s a fact you can never have to many bags!!( I also love the fact that this bag is Handmade and Handmade in the UK!!)

Would I change anything about the bag? if I HAD to pick, possibly a little zip pocket, but you know what the pockets inside are so deep you really don’t have to worry about valuables falling out so really not an issue for me!! 

My Rating out of 5? 6 I can honestly say I absolutely love this bag, not only for its brilliant function, but every time I look at it, it makes me smile! I love having my personal stamp all over it!!.

Have a awesome weekend everyone!! :)

*All opinions are honest and those expressed are of my own!!!*


  1. Fantastic bag and so personal and individual.

  2. Lovely bag! But I really love the cool beads on that fun bracelet! Great for Halloween.

  3. Cute bracelets! Such a good idea for those scraps you cant throw away! and WOW that bag is awesome!!!

  4. You have your own brand on your bag! Nice!

  5. Wow! What a fantastic bag! And such a great way to show off your name an yarn! Love that it has leather handles and is handmade! Plus the easy wipe lining is a great idea.
    Also wanted to say that your stitch markers are awesome!! So happy and bright (even the skulls!!)


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