Monday, 10 September 2012

Keeping busy

I am finding the best way to keep my head a float, at the moment is my keeping my mind and hands busy by focusing on the things that make me happy!

Such as….

Being out doors and active with my family, even if we do look like dorks :)

Phoenix Starting Playschool - I am going to miss not having him home!


 Geting new Ink on my foot - I can honestly say it didnt hurt that much! 

 Finally starting a new Knitting project! (More about that wednesday!) 

 Collecting beads and making stitch markers!

Making Shawl pins :)

Whole30 -  Paleo Detox
(My last day of my whole30 detox ends tomorrow, i have been eating Paleo for a few months now and while it wasn't for weight loss reason that i started, i was carrying my Baby weight from Phoenix!
So i was very please yesterday when i could fit in to a pair of skinny jeans that have been in the back of the closet snice 2009)

Photo: Fantasy sparkle yarn! Now in stock.
Fantasy Yarn - Unicorn hair
And not forgetting dyeing LOTs of yarn and working on my shop, i can honestly say without both of these two things I would have gone insane!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. I love those beads. I am in love with that hat too! The baby curls are adorable.

  2. Cycling helmets safe but make us all look ridiculous. Glad your keeping busy love the stitch markers and more of your beautiful yarn.
    Ali x

  3. Putting it all together shows that you have some wonderful things going on in your life! Plenty to be happy with and thankful for. Sometimes when we're going through "stuff" it's easy to loose focus of all the joy that surrounds us.
    Congrats on the weight loss and the new tat - love the brilliant colors and the image!
    (and your yarny goodness as well!!)

  4. I agree keeping busy is the best way to keep afloat. I never stop as I know when I do i flop and either sleep or get stressed & upset.
    You have had a great week. I love your hat its so sweet. Pheonix looks so adorable in his uniform!


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