Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WIP & Yarn Along...Another one bites the dust!!

I had the perfect opportunity to get some car knitting done over the last two days (see yesterday’s post) but when I open my project bag…all I found was ANOTHER SNAPPED needle!!  - Gutted and P***ed off is an understatement!!
I have now ordered the deluxe Knit pro novas after recommendations via FB and instagram. Just hope they don’t take too long, as I just want to finish this shawl!! A) so I can start something else, with some Mermaid hair that has been waiting to be used for ages!! And B) I am fed up with blogging about it lol

Ok BOOKS….umm another sore subject!! I am now resorted to skipping and skimming over pages just to get the damn thing finished! I have three books in waiting! -I am so tempted to just jump to the back and read the ending!!  In fact I think that’s what I will do!!

65% of the way through Book 6 of the Black dagger brotherhod.
BOOK 7 & 8 of BD Brotherhood and a New book recommendation.

Hope you have had a more successful week then me!!

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  1. Oh no! Or rather oh snap! ;-) I hope your needles arrive quickly. That mermaid hair is GORGEOUS!!

  2. Oh no not another one! I'm so glad I read this, as I was seriously considering getting a wood set of interchangables, but now I'm thinking metal. Hope they arrive soon, cannot wait to see your hitchhiker :D

  3. I am glad I got acrylic interchange now instead of bamboo. So frustrating waiting on more to come. Hope the postman is super speedy!

  4. On no! I can't imagine having broken two needles in such a short time! I hope the replacement comes soon. The shawl does look lovely though!

  5. Ugh, very frustrating! Stupid needles.

  6. Oh that is frustrating! Your yarn is beautiful though :-)

  7. How frustrating is that? I hope your needles arrive soon. I use Knit Picks Options nickel plated needles, love those. I love the colorful yarn, so beautiful.

  8. (fingers crossed) I have not snapped a needle except when I sit on one :) I hope they arrive speedily!!

  9. Just remember how much fun the actual trip was and maybe that will help. I love the hotel you stayed at - and the Mens Smoking Room. I know what it feel like to wait for the post - but I also know that it will totally be worth it when the package arrives ;)
    May the mail move quickly wherever you are!

  10. I had a needle snap this week, too. I hope your new needles are stronger than the last few sets!


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