Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WIP and Yarn along - I am Back :)

Hello everyone :)

I have put off blogging since Sunday night, because I knew ultimately it would lead to whole post dedicated to moaning!

Our “holiday” to the Haven was SHOCKING and one I would never repeat again! The caravans where dirty and smelly, hubby and I had to sleep on the floor because the beds were broke! The carvan park its self was poor equipped, the park for example had 1 baby swing, and one normal swing, for 900 caravans!! (I have a better park in my back garden!!) The swimming pool was tiny!! More like a puddle to bob up and down in!  

So with that and a trip to A&E with Phoenix due to high fever and a nasty rash, I wouldn’t say it was a holiday at all lol.

My daughter Sophia

My Son Bailey

My Son Phoenix

The children (11 of them) dispute being really bored, behaved really well and we still managed to have fun, and the weather was lovely – I am glad to be home though ;)

I got a little bit knitting, done, not as much as I had hoped! As really couldn’t take our eyes off the little ones for even a second!


Reading wise, I did manage to finish book 6!! of Black dagger Brotherhood (YIPPPPPEEEEE) and now I am having a break from the series to read “it starts with food”, as some of you know i have changed the way I eat, because of a number of symptoms I have been experiencing.
 It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
Before I went to Haven I had been on Paleo for a month, so I thought the holiday would be a good time to reintroduce all the foods I had cut out, to see what would happen!

In the month that i started Paleo my skin started clearing without any need for creams, within 4 weeks!!
 Within a couple of days, my tummy (which was flat while on Paleo) bloated right out, was really tender to touch, my eczema flared up on my face, neck and hands, face started to break out in spots! And I got ulcers under my tongue and on my inner lip, and my energy levels hit an all-time low! Even my hubby agreed that he felt bloated and sluggish.

Last week, from introducing Grains, refined Suger and other crap
What also amazed me, is how my taste buds have changed in such a short period of time!, I used to love salt, but now the taste in foods over power me (had to buy reduced salt bacon, otherwise it makes me feel like I have drunk sea water YUK!), while away diet coke gave both my hubby and I acid reflux . These are just to name but a few!

At the moment we are on day3 of the whole30, which is basically a Paleo detox, to reset our hormone and metabolism functions, I am already feeling tons better than last week :)

I will be back tomorrow with Fibre appreciation Thursday xx


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your holiday, that must have been awful!

    Your knitting looks so beautiful, the colourway is amazing!

    I really have to have a look at that book, it sounds like a wonderful way of eating especially if it helps your body to heal itself.


  2. Sorry to hear your holiday wasn't great, yay for Home! and wow those are great photos of the effect of your diet, I bet its a great motivation.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I went on a few Haven holidays as a kid and, although pretty basic, it wasn't at all how you describe - which one was it?

    The colours of your knitting are lovely.

    Good luck with your paleo detox.

  4. I do hope you have complained about your holiday to the relevant office :-(

  5. Sorry your holiday wasn't so wonderful. But it sounds like you had some quality family time and I bet you won't forget about that place for years to come.

    I am amazed at how much our food influences how we look and feel. It sounds like a good book you picked up.

  6. Yeah for finishing Lover Enshrined..a somewhat tedious read..there is no place like home eh?... It does all begin with food, but equally important is rest..and after that vacation..hope you find some time for yourself.

  7. Oh dear, sounds like a dreadful holiday. We once arrived at a Caravan park only to find it was essentially a gravel pit, and that the showers had been knocked down weeks before and nothing had been rebuilt. DH insisted on a full refund and we carried on to another park a half hour further. Much better!

  8. sorry your holiday wasn't stellar :( Your knitting is looking fabulous though :)

  9. That's a shame about your holiday. I'm intrigued by this diet you're doing. Did you have to pay for it?

    Your Hitchhiker is looking fabulous!

  10. Hope you continue to feel better.

  11. I'm sorry the holiday didn't go as planned. I hope things are better now that you are home.

  12. Pretty yarn - that looks like a lot of stitches.
    Enjoy knitting

  13. sucks to hear about that crap holiday.
    that wip looks really lovely, and i love that colorway!
    my boyfriend and i have been interested in a paleo diet, but haven't known where to start. it looks like the whole30 program might be a nice thing to try.

  14. I hoped you complained about the holiday, that is so bad. I'm interested in your diet change, I will look into changing as I find I get really bloated from grains - but so love bread

  15. So sorry to hear that you had a terrible holiday, I hope that you all feel better soon. X

  16. Sorry to hear your holiday was such a disappointment. We also went to a Haven Camp once, never again, that was over 10 years ago and we had the same experience as you. I can't believe the difference the diet made to your skin and how quickly the symptoms reoccured when introducing 'bad' food. I hope Phoenix is much better.
    Take care, Ali x


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