Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WIP & Yarn along! - Snap!

 Morning Wednesday!

At the weekend I sat..yes SAT on my Hitchhiker and this happened!!! :(

So noooo knitting on my Hitchhiker! I really do think the hitchhiker is the perfect name for this shawl..because the amount of time it’s taking I might as well be hitching across to the other side of the world!!!

Got a whole set of replacement needles delivered this morning!! And I am itching to get this finished so I can knit something with my new colour way range “Dark Arts” I am thinking SOCKs eep!!..(I said thinking!! So don’t hold me to it lol)
Photo: What do you think of my new range? "Dark Arts" half of the skein is vibrant the other half is black! All the colours in this range are repeatable! And custom orders don't cost you any extra! I will be adding more colours over the next few days :)
Dark Arts - Half black, Half Colour

 One a day = None a day!!..Erm Moving on!!.....
Book wise I am STILL on book six!! of the Black dagger brotherhood! And only 44% of the way through, which is poor considering I was getting through a book a week two weeks ago! - I am just not in to it!! gaaah
I was feeling a bit downhearted and well just crappy about making no progress this week! I think no sleep at the weekend! And no craft time!! (6 children one being 4 months old ran me ragged) didn’t help!

But I had my hair cut yesterday, and got shorter bangs! And now I am feeling much better!. Most probably because I have some air flow to my forehead now lol..but it’s amazing how just getting pampered for an hour can re-energise you!!
Photo: New shorter bangs! Whoohoo
My new bangs :D

Well that’s it!! I will be back tomorrow with Fibre appreciation Thursday, in which I will announce the winner of my teal yarn give away!! (Give-away close’s at 9.00am GMT in the morning!! So you still have time!!)

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!! xxxxx

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  1. Oh, I love the hair cut! Awesome! I have never done bangs, I always let my hair grow out. I just need it out of my face :-) And that dark arts yarn is awesome, socks I think yes! Sorry about your needle, I have broken bamboo needles by doing my stitches too tight...

  2. Oh no! I want to get a set of harmony interchangables but I'm just so frightened of them breaking. Love the new fringe, too!

  3. My first pair of Knit-pro were fixed cable and the cable snapped during knitting some intricate cable socks. Had to rip back and start again. i was livid. Bought some Addi's after that and love them.
    New haircut is totally lush! Beautiful as always.
    Wowzers the new yarns are awesome in yarn form. Can just see them as pairs of knee legnth striped socks!
    If you tackle the socks let me know if I can help you.

  4. Ouch to broken needles, but am happy to hear replacements have been secured and you are ready to resume knitting.
    Your bangs look great, but then you are beautiful so they would have to.
    Have a great yarn along day.

  5. Oh no, I sat on my Knit Pros yesterday so I feel your pain! Very annoying - I may switch to metal ones as this happens way too often for me!

    Love your bangs, looking really cute :-)

  6. Oh no about the needles. Thank goodness a replacement set came quickly! I LOVE the new yarn. What a great idea. I can't wait to see what you do end up knitting with it. The bangs looks great!!!

  7. Oh dear, what a nuisance, hope breaking your needles wasn't too painful. I love the dark arts yarns. The contrast of the black next to the bright colours looks great. Your hair looks gorgeous, glad to hear to got some much needed pampering. Ali x

  8. Broken needles are a pain. I'm glad your replacements arrived so soon. I agree, a little pampering goes a long way, which reminds me that I need to schedule my hair cut!

  9. Oh, no! I had a snapped needle incident a few weeks ago but it was on straights - I have a big fear of my circular breaking/unscrewing and dropping stitches. I'm glad you got yours sorted.

    I love the hair!!

  10. Loving your hair!!!
    How annoying that your needles snapped though, but the hitchhiker looks good so far.
    And HOW MUCH do I love the look of the dark Arts yarn????!!!?? It's awesome

  11. Hey pretty lady! You have had really bad luck with your needles lately. I love your dark arts yarn. I need to move and get the additional income to blow on your yarn

  12. Boo to sitting on your needles... luckily my crochet hooks are all metal, so I've never run into this problem. Although i have bent the snot out of a few. Tension issues apparently! Love the hair-do. Always wish I could rock bangs, but they'd drive me nuts. Amazing yarn... wait. AMAZING yarn. That's better.

  13. The same thing has happened to me with the Knitpros as well - I'm planning on taking back-up metal circulars in the same size when we go away just incase - imagine being on holiday and that happening *yikes*

    The yarn looks perfect for socks - do it!!!!

  14. Soooo sorry to hear about your snapped needle -- ugh! Your haircut is gorgeous ... and from that photo, one would never know that you didn't get any sleep over the weekend. ; )

  15. I love the hair cut. It looks really cute on you. I have sat on needles before and broken them too. Its a really terrible feeling. Also that yarn is making me drool. You always make such pretty yarn

  16. Oh no! Not a broken needle! I'm glad you were able to replace it. I like your bangs and your eyeliner.

  17. Yikes, sorry about the broken needle. Hopefully the replacement will get there soon. LOVE all the yarn, such beautiful colors. You look gorgeous with the new haircut!!

  18. Oh dear, I snapped a needle on a train once, and everyone in the adjoining seats made a noise of horror in unison, If it hadn't been so upsetting, it would have been funny! Cute haircut! My appointment's on Saturday and I CANNOT WAIT!

  19. Socks rule! 😉I can highly recommend Ann budds book " getting started knitting socks" and Melissa Morgan Oakes "2 at a time socks cuff down" also just brought her book about toe up socks but that's a whole other mission! X

  20. oh no to broken needles!! Your hair looks gorgeous, I wish I could wear bangs like that, stunning! And your new yarn is gorgeous too, I haven't seen anything quite like it before, it will make wonderful socks!

  21. Amazing things in this post:

    1) your awesome bangs!
    2) ajskldfj; the Dark Arts yarn. I'm in loooove.

  22. OH NO! Sat on mine once and the same thing happened. Glad you have replacements.

  23. Stopping by from Ravelry WIP Wednesday. :-)
    I am loving your yarn!!!!

  24. I want some dark arts...and you are lovely in bangs..I always recommend reading a book cover to cover..but Phury's story is enough to challenge anybody into finishing it..

    I have all the books in every format made I think..Just keep think about moving on to the next book..rhev' of the best..willing to lend it out if that provides any incentive for you..


  25. Can't wait to see the Dark Arts knit up.


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