Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIP & Yarn along! - calling all fibre addicts

Morning Wednesday, 

Not much to report on my Hitchhiker!!  ;( - Although I am up to 22 teeth now!
 Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6)
Reading wise I am still on book 6 of the black dagger brotherhood, and only 25% through, this is for two reasons, one being everything is just manic here, and I am only being able to get a page in here and there, and the second being that I am not really getting into this book like I did the other 5. 

Tomorrow I will be back with the new meme I am hosting

Fibre Appreciation Thursday is all about sharing the love of all things fibre, it’s not focusing on WIPs or FOs but rather on each other’s yarn and fibre stashes!

Thursdays are your opportunity to show off what’s in your stash, for example it maybe some yarn or fibre that you have recently purchased! Or a skein you brought years ago but you don’t want to use it as it’s far to pretty!!! Or maybe you want to talk about fibre or yarn that you’re coveting but not got your hands on it yet! 

Alternately you can blog about your favourite fibre artist or yarn brand! Show us your favourite yarn shop ether Online or local!!

For the fibre artist, and or spinners among us why don’t you use this opportunity to show off your work?!  

MY Blog post and Mr Linky will be posted on a Thursday morning!, but the posts you link up can be written on any day of the week! (Past or present) 

I am really hoping that this meme will be a great way of introducing each other to fibre artist or yarn companies and colour ways that we wouldn’t have known about beforehand!  

And just think about all the yummy yarn porn your get to see!..HERE is my post from last week, to give you an idea what I am writing about!!

Oh and I have a thread running this  blogging group on Raverly, so please feel free to also link your post there as well for more traffic to your posts! * you will need to be logged into raverly to see it!*

Have a fantastic day!! Xx

For more Wip and Yarn along visit Ginny!!


  1. good luck on the hitchhiker, enjoy your book and i love the little badge for your new group - it's super pretty!!! have a knitty wednesday xxx

  2. Your yarnporn is the reason I am on such a stash busting mission. And the fact that hubby says no more until I have space to put it. Anyway. I love seeing your pictures on instagram and can't wait until I have the space and cash to buy lots of your yummy yarn

  3. I'm sorry to hear the book isn't as engaging as the other five. I am on a waiting list for the first book. And I am definitely looking forward to seeing all the the links!

  4. I just bought a skein of Madelinetosh Sock to make a Trillian for myself, thanks to your showing off your Hitchhiker here. (I'll also make a Hitchhiker eventually, but I really like the look of Trillian so I decided to do that one first.) So thanks! xo

  5. What a great idea for Thursday! I'll be heading back!

  6. I need more interesting yarn to blog Ooh I do have that lovely rainbow knit picks yarn. I'm dying to use it, just can't decide what to do with it.

  7. I'm gonna have to join in with fibre appreciation, I think. I'm getting quite a stash :D

  8. I might look into that book series, they sound like exactly the type of thing I like to read!

  9. That's a lovely idea with Fibre Appreciation Thursday - I'll try to remember! :-)

  10. Good luck with your Hitchhiker. Its going to be awesome.


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