Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WIP and Yarn along - My Recipe

Morning Wednesday!

Ah where to begin!..Well knitting wise I have managed to fit in a couple of rows on my hitchhiker, which is annoying me now to be honest, because It isn’t a project I can just pick up and put down. Don’t get me wrong the pattern is easy enough, it’s just I have to have my row counter on because of my crappy memory when it comes to numbers ,which then also requires a modest amount of concentration and at the moment I just don’t have the energy to focus lol
My Clutch bag is sitting at my machine, with the lining all pinned ready to sewed, I have also placed two bits of thin plastic in side to, help stabilise the body of the bag.

Reading wise, I have now moved on to the 5th book in the Black dagger brotherhood collection, and I am having to limit the time I read these, as I become so absorb nothing else gets done lol - I just love these books!!

Lover Unbound: Black Dagger Brotherhood series: Book 5

I have also been reading a few books about Paleo, I will hold my hands up and say my past record for yoyo dieting is appalling, but I have really come to a cross road in my life, where something has got to change, I just have no energy, my eczema is at its worst, and my digestive system is totally out of whack {most likely because of the amount of cheese I consume!} and I have become lazy in the kitchen, all ways looking for a quick and easy alternate which quite frankly isn’t a healthy choice for my family.

Yesterday I completely gutted my pantry, and was shocked that I had two huge hessian shopping bags full of rice, pasta, noodles and other crap that I had been collecting of the past year, my husband will still have the odd helping of wholefoods, on the days he works out, and my children will still have the odd yogurt and cheese, although I will explore alternates to dairy with them.
I on the other hand are going to eliminate them all for a month, then slowly introduce them one by one, and see how they make me feel, just so I can confirm my suspicions of having a lo dairy tolerance.
 The Lazy Paleo Enthusiast's Cookbook
One of the books I downloaded on my kindle was The LazyPaleo Cookbook by Sean Robertson and I have to say I LOVED it!..Reading this book was like sitting with a witty no nonsense best friend. And some parts actually made me chuckle out loud!!, The recipes sound delish, and easy on your purse and simple for a Novice lazy Paleo cook like me *Grins*

And while we are on the subject of food, I did promise on instagram that I would share my recipe for the veg concoction I make. (Don't have a name :S)

My base for this is always

1 Onion (chopped)
1 courgette (thinly sliced)
2 fresh garlic cloves sometimes more depending on how much you like it! (have used garlic paste before!)
Little bit of sea salt and pepper
Mixed herbs
Olive oil

Cook all on a low heat, in a non-stick pan and allow them to sweat rather than fry!

This Concoction is yummy on its own, which is how we first ate it, because I just slung together what I had in the fridge at the time..and I have also added an omelette batter over the top which is divine!

If you like you can add to it, for example last night, I added mushrooms, tinned sweet corn, baby spinach and cooked fresh cherry tomatoes. Other times I have added frozen peas, sliced baby corn, peppers, just to name a few{you get the idea}  and you could add bacon for flavour or stock.!

I eat mine with stake or grilled chicken and fish! Or like I said previous i add omelette batter over the top for a nice lunch or i just eat it on its own! lol

PLEASE NOTE for Paleo you wouldn't add sweetcorn!!!


For more books, and Wips visit Tamis and Ginnys :D


  1. Ah the Brotherhood--I didn't know there was a 5th! I can't wait to see the finished bag. I feel the same way about numbers and I do the same thing with row counter. Numbers and I have a wary relationship.

    1. There are 10 in the Brother now and few that written along side it! lol. I have Dyscalculia and really couldnt live without a row counter lol

  2. ohh I still love that brotherhood. :) Will be interested to hear how you find Paleo, I can recommend Oat Milk if you can get it there, its actually a very yummy alternative to milk (if you don't have milk?...)

    1. I have just ordered Almond Milk, as i can't have oats on the Paleo..but have heard its really nice! :D

  3. Oh no you added evil tomatoes! Bleurgh! Will try this though and just leave the devil's food out :P

    1. Hahaha Sam!!...Just like my hubby!! whats wrong with you both!!..That is why i have to cook the tomatoes on their own!! and just add them to my plate! You fussy fuss pots :P

  4. I never seem to know which row I am on. I can understand the need for a counter. I switched to Paleo/Primal last year and have never felt better. I am a yo-yo dieter for years. This makes me feel good and I lost a bit of weight.

  5. i know the feeling with the counting thing. I am terrible at forgetting.
    Good luck on the food front - I take the very anal approach of planning my meals for the week once a week. Then I can forget about it and just check my list. Saves me lots of time and bother in the long run :)

  6. The Brotherhood...*heavy panting*... I've read them all and what is really fun is listening to them on audiobook.... *fans mysef*..anyway there are a few others out there too that I'm now reading... but see..

    lost my train of thought cuz of the brotherhood and would loose stitch count too so maybe you don't have a crappy memory...the brotherhood just has you focusing elsewhere....

  7. I have seen these books a couple other places, and think I might need to start reading them! I can't count rows either, I get too distracted. I always hope for the best when it comes to knitting and counting!

    As far as food goes, I recently went off all dairy (except cream in my morning coffee), and I am feeling MUCH better. I never realized how many problems I was having that could be cured by eating differently. I am mainly vegan now - well until our chickens start laying eggs, we eat a lot of beans and rice and salsa :-) I make almond milk for the kids, you can find that recipe here It is a little more complicated to come up with exciting meals, but we love mexican here so it works out pretty well. I cook beans in bulk and then put them in the freezer for easy access to meals. I haven't done paleo before, but I have heard a lot of great things about it! good luck! Newest follower! Hope you will follow me back.

  8. That veggie concoction looks divine! I'll have to add that to my dinner rotation.

  9. Good for you to go through your pantry and make adjustments. We should all do that! Love the yarn you're knitting with ... hope you get some easy and restful knitting done today!

  10. I know it's really tough going through foods to try and figure out what your allergies could be-- I know we only just figured out that I am lactose intolerant a year or 2 ago (or more like what you said, low tolerance, not necessarily intolerant) It's tough because I love dairy! You deserve applause for wanting to get everything sorted out!! and Hugs for your hitchiker- I know those long rows are tough for me too.

  11. I love the yarn you are using, can't wait to see the finished project. Also that looks super yummy! You just made me super hungry

  12. So pretty, your Hitchhiker! But it wouldn't be something I'd be able to pick up and put down easily either.

  13. Your veg dish sounds amazing, and your hitchhiker is so pretty.

  14. I agree, I really love the BDB by J.R. Ward too- they really are engrossing!
    Your hitchiker is looking lovely too!


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