Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Monday morning hubby woke up and said “I have a had a crazy thought”  OK I replied with a hint of curiosity {After all you know what they say! Curiosity killed the cat!!}  And much to my surprise he declared he was taking two days off work, to treat the children and myself to a trip at the Zoo, and an overnight stay in the new forest and a day out at an adventure park the following day!

We decided not to tell the children our plans, got them quickly to pack a bag, while I got my orders ready for posting, and headed out by 10am.

I can’t tell you how lovely it was to spend some quality time with both my hubby and the children, there was no stress! No fighting just pure adventure!

We walked around Marwell Zoo looking at all the animals, then headed off to our Hotel for some late lunch/ early dinner, then spent a couple of hours walking through the new forest looking at trees and wild ponies, finished with a nice drive through the little villages Burly being a favourite because of its connection with Witchcraft and all the kooky shops! 


My Childrens Favourite

Huge Redwood Tree

Our Beautiful Hotel Rhinefield House, so much history here!

Apparently this is the best way to eat icecream!!

The old Gentlemans "Smoking room" Ceiliing in our Hotel

 Today we woke up really early ate breakfast and headed off to Paultons Park. What I really love about Paultons Park is all the rides are aimed at 14 and under so both my children could go on every single ride, and Phoenix was tall enough to go a few this year! The tea cup being a favourite because all five of us got to go on together! 
Phoenix on his first ever "big" ride

Hehe clearly having so much fun!

Those curls!!

Heading home with sponge bob daddy won!

 But as you can see what Phoenix enjoyed most was the water jet park, and once he got in it was nearly impossible to get him out! Lol well without getting soaked in the process!

I am now really looking forward to next week, when we go on Holiday with 11 children!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!



  1. Wow that sounds like a ton of fun. I love zoos XD

  2. Hooooray for holidays and happy children!


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