Monday, 9 July 2012

Snappy Happy Monday - 09

Evening everyone,

Hope your all well and had a Lovely weekend!?

Here are my pictures from last week..


As you can see, my feed is mostly about FOOD lol, as most of you know i have swapped eating my normal crap {ridiculous amounts of cheese and chocolate} for the Paleo way of eating mainly for health reasons, and i have to say, i am really loving it, because i am not looking at it from a weight loss point of view, i don’t feel the usual "impatient” moodiness of being on a diet, and I am actually enjoying cooking and eating the meals I am making, which is a first for me lol

Last week, and in fact this week are a busy time for me on the home front, as both my children are getting ready for the summer break, and have lots of activities going on in school to celebrate, I am really looking forward to 8 weeks, of no school runs, very much doubt this will result in a lie in but one can hope and dream!!
I will be back tomorrow with my one a day update {i broke the failing streak!! -I know shocker!!} 



  1. Your post makes me hungry! Falafel's here I come.
    can't wait until the end of term now.

  2. Love all the food pics! Hope you have a great week :D xo


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