Tuesday, 3 July 2012

One a day - The Resurrection

I need to be brutally honest with myself! After two weeks of failed attempts at making hexipuffs..I need to face the facts, that this isn’t the right one a day project for me at the moment!

We all know I am not a fast knitter, so i really don’t have time on my side, and because I  normally sit down of an evening around 9pm {that’s if I am not back down in my dye studio, trying to get things done without having a small boy around my feet!!} it doesn’t give me hardly any time to start and finish a Hexipuff.

And let’s face it, who wants to repeat failure week after week lol..The point of one a day is to get projects finished, so I am wiping the slate clean and resurrecting my first project from when “one a day” started!

So do you remember this???

I will get this red cloak finished this year.{yep I am on a mission}!!  And because each square only takes about 5 mins I have no excuses. 

My starting tally is 25 {I did have 30 but can’t find the missing ones!} .

 I need 211 Squares and 15 Triangles for the Cloak, and the 33 squares and 6 Triangles for the hood…{better get cracking then lol}

For more one a day projects visit Gingerbreadgirl for mr linky :D


  1. Wow that will look amazing on you! If you don't love your project it's not worth the time and love you put in. Well done for wiping the slate clean.

    1. Thanks Gilly, i was inspired by the film "Red ridinghood" i already have my wicker basket..and i have visions of wearing it in the snow lol

  2. Oh my oh my, a red cloak! How fabulous! Love red riding hood :)
    Victoria xx

  3. Good plan to go back to this project :)

  4. Ha...I was going to say the same as Victoria...oh me oh my...that red cloak, I can't wait to see that finished....it's a wee bit dreamboaty...xxx

  5. Ahhh, that is such a cute pattern! Fairytale goodness :D

  6. I think your hexipuffs are like a bad book. Life's too short to waste time on it. Find something that you really enjoy. I hope you finish your
    cloak as I think it will look amazing. Although I have a feeling your children may like to play with it, so it may go missing. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  7. that red cloak will look awesome when you finish it !

  8. Its like Little Red Riding Hood's. I love it.

  9. If you are not wanting to do the Hexipuffs project, then don't do it.

  10. Hooray, I wondered what had become of this one but as the proud owner of numerous UFOs myself didn't like to ask! Still love it all these months later.

  11. There you go then! Lovely and warm for winter.

  12. Hi!
    Beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  13. The cloak will be great! I think crocheting is faster for one a day projects anyway :).

  14. It is so good to see this back :) I still love the red colour you are using!

  15. Ooooooo I do remember this one and proper loved it when you first showed it. So glad you have decided to do this one again as its lush. Can't wait to see your progress.

  16. Such a great colour you have chosen x

  17. I love the retro style to the cape. It will look fantastic one.


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