Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fibre Apprecation Thursday - 02

Afternoon everyone,

Sorry this post is late, but my son was in the finals of his swimming gala this morning {which he won YAY}, and I was far to unorganised yesterday to schedule a post last night. {At least I am honest lol}

Thank you to those that joined in last week! I really loved seeing your yummy yarn!! for those of you who are new  to FAT here is a link to the original post which has all the information about taking part :D

Right so remember last week I was dyeing the last of my rainbow sparkle sock yarn!, it took ages to dry because of the awful weather we are having here at the moment, but it was worth the Waite, as its sooo pretty even if I do say so myself!!

My rainbows are made in three collections, I have Pink, Tropical, and classic, I think the pink collection is my favourite :)
I also got my unspun fibre delivered today squeeee..and even more exciting is I have sparkle fibre!! Cannot Waite to get these in the dye bath!!! 

Well I will keep it short today, as I have lots of fibre to prepare for dyeing this afternoon. 

Have a great day every one!! xxx


  1. Love, love, love your yummy rainbow skeins Danielle. I will be leaving ma-hoosive hints to the other-half for b-day pressie ideas! ;) xx

  2. Oh, and congrats to your son on winning his swimming gala :)

  3. Oh super pretty! And I love undyed wool! It's like an empty canvas. Congrats to your son!


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