Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fibre Appreciation Thursday - 3

Morning fellow Fibre Addicts,

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! We have had really miserable weather in West Sussex over the last few weeks, so I have had to come up with some hanging devices to dry my skeins inside! In my dye studio the portable hanging rack has worked quite well because of all the heat made from the stove, and when we have sun, like yesterday before the mini storm {thunder and lightning} hit it’s easy to take out side.

Portable drying aid – which I found at a car boot sale ages go lol

When I finish dyeing for the day, I bring the skeins up from the dye studio into my kitchen to be rinsed, and put in the spinner, so I built {ok i had hubby do it!!} a rack just with some 4x2 wood and metal hooks you can pick up from a DIY store in my kitchen so I can start the drying process overnight, and they are out of the way, of cats and sticky little fingers! – It’s also an awesome sight to wake up too!! 

Custom Volcanic, and Mermaid Winkie on the left, far right is the custom Turquoise lace!
 Unlike me in this mask when mixing up dye, but hey safety first !!!
Dyeing is such a sexy job at times! lol

This week I have been working on my Witches brew, and also a few of custom dyes, 2 volcanic’s and a gorgeous Turquoise Lace (pictured above)

Sparkle DK in Witches brew

 I also dyed some more Mermaids hair, one of which will be named after Winkie from  A Creative Being , if you follow me on Facebook you would have seen her awesome hair dye job  already ,which was inspired by my mermaids hair fantasy yarn! – I think winkie looks stunning as a mermaid!! :D

Photo: My new mermaid hair <3 Very inspired by the gorgeous fantasy yarn dyed by the lovely A Stash Addict ;)
Mermaid Winkie
This Skein will be named after her :D

I also have some fibre drying, here is a sneak peek!, I hoping to get these added to the shop over the weekend!

Well that’s it from me today! Xx

To take part all you have to do, is leave your link with MR Linky, making sure it’s your relevant blog post link and not actual blog address! And leave a link on your blog post back to Fibre Appreciation that way hopefully readers can come find Mr Linky and join in!

Your fibre can be something you brought or dyed and/or spun recently or something you brought years ago!!! - The "When" Really doesn't matter!

Please visit and comment on as many blogs taking part, after all that’s the aim of the meme!! :D


  1. As always, lovely colors! Winkie's hair is wonderful inspiration.

  2. Oh my gosh I love the yarn colors! So pretty! And the hair is awesome :-) I have always had a thing for crazy colored hair...not that I have ever done it, but I love it on other people :-)

  3. Oh, such fun colors!! haha, and Winkie's hair is pretty amazing! I LOVE that Witches Brew colorway. How fun your job is!

  4. HI! I can't figure out how to grab the badge to put on my blog post. my email is thank you!

  5. Im definitely drooling over all that yarn, and it matches winkie's hair so well!

  6. Beautiful Yarn. I just love all of your yarns. Amazing colors. Love Winkie's hair.


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