Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Juggling

Morning Wednesday *huge smiles*

I hope I find you all well!!,I woke up in a REALLY good mood this morning, and the sun is shining which is an added bonus!

If you remember I said last week that I was going to do a Kool aid tutorial, well I also made a Vlog about dyeing, which I posted at the weekend and it can be found here for anyone that has missed it :)

I have made good progress on my clutch bag, it’s just suddenly grown, I love that about knitting :) I have done 11 inches so far but need 15. I have also managed a few a couple more teeth on my hitchhiker {I know it doesn’t  look like it it!! But promise I have lol}

It’s in the dye studio where I have been very busy this week, I am currently dyeing sparkle sock yarn for my Fantasy range, and I have to say I really LOVING this fibre blend, the merino is sooo super soft and the stellina {which is surprisingly soft} is just dazzling, I am so glad I stocked this blend in lace and DK as well.
Fantasy Sparkle Sock weight

Reading wise, I can’t express how much I am enjoying the Black dagger brotherhood, I am still on book one, although I am now 96% of the way through!!  I just don’t want to put it down!! I never went to sleep until 1am last night, because hubby and I watched a film, and I had to get my night time hour read in before I went to sleep!
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)
Image from

Because my knitting time has been seriously lacking I brought a new kindle so that it can read to me! Lol I really hate having to choose between the two!
The other night on instagram I got tagged to play “what I am doing now” where you post a picture of what you’re doing  in that very moment. At the time I was looking at my blogs searched statistics and found this!!

LMAO - I am now going to come up with a pattern for a boobie bra complete with glitzy nipple tassels lol - Sorry but it has to be done!

And on that note! Did you hear that the Fifty Trilogies have over taken the Harry potter sales record!! – I hear Hollywood is calling!! I wonder who will play Mr Grey??? Who would you like to see??

Have a fab Wednesday xxx ( For more Wips and Book visit Tamis and Ginnys)


  1. Can't wait to see the tassels! And can you please stop with all the tempting pretty colours *la la la I can't hear you!*

  2. I got my Kindle before the touch ones came out and got the K3 instead of the newest one specifically so I could have the option of having it read to me, although I do find the voices a bit weird, lol. I love the yarn you've been dying!

  3. Your yarn is dreamy!
    I didn't know that kindles can read aloud - clearly I need to take a closer look.
    I'm looking forward to your tassle project - haha!

  4. your yarn is gorgeous, and your hitchhiker and clutch bag are gorgeous. I'll keep an eye out for the tassle project LOL!! have a knitty wednesday xxx

  5. Your yarn is so pretty.. I love it and am jealous you get to knit with it. Your Hitchhiker is looking really cute too.

  6. Helloo :D Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting at knitsofacto ... I love finding new-to-me knitting blogs! The tassel project ... hilarious :D

  7. Oooh, I need to find some quiet time to view your tutorial -- many thanks for making it. Love how your hitchhiker is coming along!

  8. Gorgeous sparkly yarn! Very like your Hitchhiker in colours!

  9. Loving the colors of your dyed yarn. One day I'm going to have enough money to buy a couple.

  10. Your yarn looks fantastic! I'm so pleased you've done another vlog - I loved the other. Off to take a peek :)

  11. Haha, I love that idea of having the Kindle read to you. It's hard to keep up with reading when pursuing yarnie activities.

  12. I love all the different colours that you make, it makes me very envious!! I like reading my kindle as I crochet basic things, much easier than holding a book :)

    *swoon* Fifties as a film, I just can't wait...I hope they don't disappoint us!

  13. Maybe try an audio book if you don't like the Kindles voice (they don't really have any emotion!) Love the sparkly yarn, and the hitchhiker's colors.

  14. HA! You totally should make a boob tassel tutorial! So good! And really? 50 Shades has surpassed Harry? Whoa. Just, whoa.

  15. I also love listening to audio books or even theater plays when I'm knitting. The color of the yarn is amazing, by the way. Also I'd like to let you know that I'm nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I'll do a post about it tomorrow. Paula xx

  16. oh my goodness that is funny, the internet is a wonderous place isn't it? lovely knitting!


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