Monday, 11 June 2012

Snappy Happy Monday - 4

Morning Monday!*fragile wave*



Seems I am suffering the dreaded two day hangover, so apologies in advance if this post makes no sense what’s so ever lol - I Know, i will never learn! I am sure it is an age thing, as when i was in my early 20s i could party all weekend!!

Any way last week, we changed our Internet provider, and unfortunately where I live I don’t get 3G on my mobile, so i was without Internet access and instagram for a couple of days! 

Isn’t it amazing how much actual crafting/work, you can get done, when you’re cut off from social networks! I have made a start on my knitted clutch, finished a booked and sorted out my dye studio in the workshop! - Yep been very productive!!!

These pictures are of one section of my dye studio -My mixing station and sink!
 I am still awaiting delivery of some more storage units, and tubs for soaking, and I also need to design airing device to hang my dyed skeins to dry inside, when the weather is awful outside, I will do a video tour of my workshop when I am done :D

Wishing you all a happy Monday xx


  1. It's really cool to see your dye studio :)

  2. Wow! I love your dye space - oh the fun you'll have!!! It looks so organised!

  3. Its super neat to see your dye studio, it looks so clean and organized.

  4. I love your dye studio its so cool that you would let us in on your creative process like that. I want one like that someday. I also love the photo collages!

  5. Thanks for sharing your studio, I can't wait till the video tour, that's gonna be fantastic!


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