Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fibre Appreciation Thursday (1) Fibre Porn

Hi Everyone *waves*

Quick Introduction!

As most of you know I am a fibre artist/ dyer from West Sussex UK, and owner of A Stash Addict Yarn. I am a HUGE fibre addict, I am talking eat, sleep and breath dyeing yarn :D, so i can not waite to set my eyes on fibre porn you guys have in your stash!!

The aim of this meme, is to show off your fibre, whether you’re a fibre artist like me! A spinner Or a yarn shopping addict!{With of course the added bonus of introducing each other to other fibre artists or yarn companies that you may never knew existed before!. And let’s face it in any case; all the fibre porn will be divine!}

Your fibre can be something you brought or dyed and/or  spun recently or something you brought years ago!!! - The "When" Really doesn't matter!

Each Thursday I am going to show what I have been working on in my dye studio. And hopefully your see why I never really make that much progress on my WIPs and have hardly any FOs lol
To take part all you have to do, is leave your link with MR Linky, making sure it’s your relevant blog post link and not actual blog address! And leave a link on your blog post back to Fibre Appreciation that way hopefully readers can come find Mr Linky and join in!

Please visit and comment on as many blogs taking part, after all that’s the aim of the meme!! :D
Ok so I have made a Button/Image which you’re welcome to use! But of course you don’t have to use it to take part!

Now on to the best bit….

So this week I have been dyeing sparkle Lace, for my Fantasycolour way collection and my Rainbow Fantasy collection.
I really love this yarn, its super soft, and the Stellina is dazzling!!  The comes in Skeins of 100g and 800m
I also did a custom dye for loyal  A Stash Addict  Addict who lives in Hawaii, its called Mermaids tail, because where the two colours mix it looks like scales, esp with the sparkle! - nom nom

I have also dyed some fibre, in Rainbows of course!! - The merino is sooo soft I just want to squeeze and touch it all the time! Lol I was even thinking about plaiting into my hair at one point!! – Seriously how cool would it be to have rainbow hair!!

The fibre I dyed is from my personal stash so its well under 100g,( I will be adding it to the shop though!) -  But I think I may order a bulk load in, if you guys would like me to add more to the shop!?
I also dyed some little bits of fluff  -Erm... Mini Fluff lol i think the blue and purple is 20g and the green is 12g i guess they are good for needle felting projects or mini skeins :D

Oh and not forgetting the Batts i am making, which are a dusky purple and i am adding pink angelina fibre through them so they twinkle and sparkle!...So Pretty!!!


At the moment I currently have 10 skeins of Sparkly sock weight yarn ready to be dyed! But you have to wait until next week to see the results!- So i will end here lol

Have a Fantastic Fibre Filled Thursday! xxx


  1. Gorgeous stuff and a great idea for a meme too!

    1. Thanks Sarah hope you join in next week! you have brought loads of lovely fluff recently :) xx

  2. Those colours are amazing!!

  3. I second what Sarah said ... gorgeous fibre as usual Danielle.
    Also joined in with your meme. V. exciting :)
    Hope lots and lots of people get on board with this too.

    1. I Hope they do as well, i love looking at other peoples work or yarn stashes :)x

  4. Those yarns are amazing... I want them all XD

  5. This is a great meme, I am so envious of all your is always beautiful!

    1. Thank you Hazel :) - Hope you join in next week, you can show case any yarn you love! x

  6. I really love the depth of your colors. Even the pastels feel vibrant!

  7. I'm so gonna have to buy some of your fibre, it looks amazing!!!


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