Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dyeing with Kool Aid! - Vlog and Photos

Hey everyone! :)

So as promised I have put together a small photo tutorial, and made a Vlog, which I have had to split in to, two parts, because it is about 20mins long!  - YEP i love talking about yarn!! {could have sat there all night!! Lol}

The Vlog covers the practical elements like equipment, mixing the kool aid, and colour and a bunch of other stuff.  **Please note that I am self-taught, so I learn through trial and error! What works for me doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you!  I am not claiming that my way is the “right” way I am simply sharing how I like to do things with you! What you do with that information afterwards is entirely up to you!, :)**


So what I wanted to show you with the photos is where and how I applied the dye, with dyeing the best part is, the creative freedom you have to apply the dye any way you want! So this isn’t a traditional step by step, because you will never be able to dye your skein exactly like mine after all that’s the beauty of hand dyed :D

 I am just simply showing you two methods that you can use,{there are more methods!} the rest is down to you! Use your imagination, and start off with colours that you love! Allow yourself to get excited! And if you don’t like the end result, you can simply over dye your yarn until you do! 
So first method is what I call block, you basically lay the yarn is a S or M shape and add your dye in sections or blocks as I call them, in this method your dye will merge with the next colour you apply so, you need to be aware of the colours this will produce for e.g yellow dye placed next to blue will have areas that turn green! turn your yarn over to repeat to the other side! -  i then use my hands to work the dye into the un dyed areas! 

Once happy pop into the microwave loosely covered for five min! Make sure there is enough water in your bowl (which there should be from the dye) or the yarn will burn!, once the dye bath is clear you know all the dye has been exhausted, allow the yarn to completely cool, then rinse through with fresh water, spin in your machine or place between a folded towel and stamp on it to remove the excess fluid then hang to dry!!
As you can see dye bath water is clear!

This second method is what I call free range! Lay your yarn as above only this time lay down your dye anywhere you want, depending on how many colours your using, take into account that lots of colours will merge together thus producing secondary colour changes, so use colours that complement each other to avoid mudding! **you will need to turn your yarn over to do the same to the other side!** Fix in the microwave like above, rinse then spin and dry!

This skein is a example of the free range method using acid dyes

As you can see this method can produce some stunning yarn!
 I hope you have found this post and my vlog useful, any questions you have, you can leave below and I will do my best to answer them: D


  1. Danielle you are one clever old stick! I love your Vlogs you do them so well :)

  2. All this information makes me want to try it today! We have plenty of Kool-Aid, but no "blank" yarn. Do you have a preference? Or can I use any natural or even light colored yarn? I watched part one of your Vlog - nicely done!

    1. I use Natural or Blank yarn as you put, but i have over dyed lots of light coloured yarn! or yarn that is naturally brown! and had great success! So i say go for it!!! :D

  3. That is a beautiful skein of yarn! Your vlogs are awesome, it's great to see how excited you are about dyeing yarn :D

  4. Great tutorial, you have a really great process!

  5. Oh so stunning! I love to dye, my biggest issue now that ive branched into yarn dyeing is how to keep it from getting all twisted and tangled. I have no idea where to start when its time to wrap it into a ball. Lol.

    1. you just need to make sure you tie it in four places BEFORE you soak it :D

  6. So so inspired by this. Thanks so much Danielle.
    I've posted my excitement on my blog:
    Can't wait to get started & show you the results ... It may be some time though, as I don't even have the equipment yet, and I want to spin the yarn by hand first!!
    Loving your blog btw xx

  7. Wonderful VLOG! It's very fun to hear/see you commenting on your process. It takes blogging to a completely different level when you add moving pictures! :-D

  8. Hi Danielle, Thanks for a really great vlog. Really inspiring and I'd love to give it a try. This may be a daft question but are all skeins the same size when you purchase them? I'm slightly worried as I drank Kool aid as a kid and I'm now wondering what it's done to my teeth :(
    Thanks Ali x

    1. Hi Ali,

      The Skein size will depend on weight, and what fibre content it is.

      Why are you worried about your teeth? i am sure they are fine xxx

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