Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Working Progress Wednesday - Hichhiker

Hello Wednesday, and what a rainy miserable day it is!

Blog post is a little late today because I went shopping and brought a new outfit for a friend’s hen weekend in London this coming weekend.

I managed to find a pair of gorgeous mint stilettos {which I totally won’t be able to walk in!!} in my size!!! {Huge size 8} which is a rarity!!

 Any way back to todays topic…{lol} In Mondays post, i mentioned i was going to post a tutorial, unfortunately Monday afternoon; I had to take my youngest to A&E for his asthma, which resulted in an overnight stay, so will try and get that post up tomorrow.

 So today i want to show you my new project, the Hichhiker, which I have had to start again because my first attempt was soooo Naff!! And you guys know how relaxed I am about my knitting lol, but this was too much!! I even had to save it so I could show you!
LOL that is what happens, when i don't count rows!
Now I have started it again, I am so pleased with the results, and I love the way the pattern really shows off my Skein of Fantasy.

Last week, I started reading A women before me I am now 90% of the way through and really enjoying it, I have to say, some parts are quite sad, and I have shed a little tear or two!
The Woman Before Me

I am sooo glad I downloaded the kindle app for my phone!, because on Monday when I dashed to the hospital I had no knitting or my actual Kindle with me, Hubby stayed at home with our other two children and  as the nearest A&E  is a good 45min away I had no way of getting them to me!!
Really was a life saver! So if you have an IPhone, I recommend you download it, as you never know when your get stuck! :D

For more Wips head over to Tamis and Ginnys


  1. It's not just you mine was the same ;)

    1. LOL that makes me feel soo much better!! :D x

  2. My Hitchiker was a miscounted disaster, I don't think I got a single spike right. I frogged it in the end so well done to you for sticking at it. I feel I ought to give it another go really, maybe I'll join you!

  3. goodness killer heels, great colour though

  4. Whoa on those heels...they look awesome - who cares if you can walk in them. You just have to sit pretty :))))
    Loving the look of hitchhiker too, I added this on to my library and I think I want to do it now myself

  5. Cute shoes! I hope your son is better.

  6. Hope your son is better! Love the shoes, and your shawl is gorgeous, that yarn is just amazing.

  7. Love those shoes...gorgeous...and they match your nail polish too. I want a pair....

  8. I hope your son gets better. Love the color of the yarn for the shawl.

  9. AH! I had a rough patch at the beginning of my Hitchiker also! But it's pretty fabulous when you get onto it. I'm about a third of the way through mine and I love it.

    And all that mint?!?!?!



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