Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Hexipuff Love

Hello Wednesday *waves*

I can finally show you my Hexipuff progress :D if you watched my Vlog, then you would have already learnt that I had quite a bit of trouble in the beginning when making them.

I took a load of my Mini's away to Egypt (which i blogged about yesterday) so had to ball them by hand, got to say i fell instantly in love!! Mini Yarn balls are soooo cute!!

These three are my Favourite so far, the yarn in the middle picture is from a skein from one of my fantasy yarn, and i will be using it to make my next shawl :D

The last Sexipuff erm i mean Hexipuff is from my Pogona which is nearly finished YAY!! So i will Waite till it is finished before i show a pictures :D

I have also read two books Breaking the silence by Diane Chamberlain, which i couldn't put down! Great story line, really enjoyed the twist at the end, which i was totally un aware of untill it presented its self!!
 Breaking the Silence
And Before i go to sleep, which i REALLY loved, and found myself reading at every chance i could get, yep that even meant sneaking off to the toilet for a few pages lol  GREAT twist at the end!!

Before I Go To Sleep

I have just started to read a Women before me only on the first chapter, but so far so good!! will let you know more next week :D

The Woman Before Me

For other WIP visit Tamis and Ginny for more lovely blog posts.



  1. I love the Hexipuffs but how do they join together once you have enough? I can't sew for toffee :s

  2. What beautiful yarn! The photo with the skeins, puffs and mini balls looks like a candy store! What are you going to be doing with all your hexipuffs BTW?

  3. thanks for the book recommends always good to try something new.

  4. I love all the mini skeins and tiny balls of yarn! The colors are so pretty!

  5. Wow these are some of the best hexipuff pictures I've seen. I"ve been so hesitant to start the hexipuff blanket because I have so many WIP's, but your pictures are making it impossible for me not to... that and the large amount of sock yarn scraps I've got hanging around.

  6. AAAA I had forgotten about hexipuffs! Those are great!

  7. lovely yarn being made into beautiful puffs! So cheerful and bright, thanks for the book ideas.

  8. beautiful! love seeing these hezipuff blankets come to life!

  9. Beautiful colours! I think I'll start on hexipuffs when I have enough leftover fingering weight yarn. Probably sounds really silly to plan to have leftover yarn though.

  10. I love the tiny balls and the tiny skeins! I love tiny things :) Tiny hexipuffs too!


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