Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The weird and wonderful – Egypt

Hi All,

Wasn’t blog week fantastic!! I really enjoyed finding new blogs and learning more about myself.

I can’t believe it is Tuesday already! I had originally planned to post this yesterday, but time has escaped me!
Any way I wanted to share some pictures of our recent holiday in Egypt, you will note from the pictures, that my children are not remotely scared of anything! Lol which helps considering our house is full of creepy crawlies!

Most afternoon were spent collecting washed up jellyfish and placing them back into the sea, Crab chasing, and investigating the reefs along the shore line for starfish and sea snails
The children also went on a camel ride, and we got to meet some foals which were just beautiful.  

These Jellyfish Sting is harmless to humans, and we made sure is was safe to touch before handling.

The Sea snails had really cute little eyes!

Star fish are really odd, you can see it's mouth in the last picture! i find it cute that it is also star shaped though lol

This Foal is 4 months old a called Jasmine, she loves swimming in the sea!

This foal is only 24hours old!!

I think Sophia is confused, that's a camel not a frog!! lol

Awesome animals made from towels :D

We took the children on a submarine, which was awesome!! we got to see lots of fish, and a ship wreck!!

Lots of sand art!!

My Mini Skeins soaking up the rays hanging with the jellyfish!

 Home from Home!!! :D

And lastly my boys chilling in front of our suite.
As you can see we had a fantastic 10 days, just what the doctor ordered! Grieving is a long process, and our family will never fully recover, but it was great to spend quality time, with our children and each other.
I will be back tomorrow with my WIP,  but for now good night x


  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures!

  2. Your vacation looked lovely! Thank you for sharing your photos with us- it looks like everyone had fun :)

  3. Looks like a fab holiday - I love Egypt :)

  4. what great photographs, looks like you had a wonderful time

  5. Great pics! I'm glad that you were able to relax and enjoy yourself.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! And those hexies look amazing, that reminds me that I should order some more yarn for mine (no suitable stash left for this one).

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time!

  8. So glad you had a nice time. Your kids look like so much fun.


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