Monday, 7 May 2012

Weekend Shenanigans and all that Jazz

Hello Monday *Waves*

Hope those of you in the UK are enjoying the lovely long weekend!! {Even if the weather is Awful}

Not really done a lot this weekend...BUT i have *drum roll* finally finished by Pogona!! It feels like i have been knitting it FOREVER!! I Can't Waite for Friday, so i can show you it all!!

Last night i Cast on the Hichhiker, and as usual was faced with a cryptic riddle {well that's how it feels to me some times}

"Row 8: purl 1, knit one. Pull the second (right) stitch on the right needle over the first (left) one.
[knit one, pull second (right) stitch on the right needle over the first (left) one] four times.
5 stitches bound off. Knit to last stitch, kfb."

Now this Totally confused me! My Instinct was to do a BO, but for some reason my brain read that as pull the second (right) stitch on the right needle over the first (left) one, on Left needle ( I Know!!)

And then because of the whole second on the right, First one on the left, i then thought i was supposed to be pulling the stitch i just knitted... over the un-knitted stitch on my left!! {My Brain kills me sometimes!!} Thankfully i can have a good laugh at myself!! otherwise i would have pulled my hair out!!

Anyway one quick post on my Face Book page, got me back on track!! {i would be lost with out you guys lol}and now i am starting to enjoy the pattern :D

Which reminds me, i wanted to tell you all about the interview i did with Sarah from Crafts of the Cwtch about my Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and how it effects my day to day and crafting.

I will add the interview to the blog at some point but for now head over to Sarah's for a read, i would love to know your thoughts or if you struggle too!

I will be back later with a little Photo tutorial on how to rip back without frogging.



  1. Both my brother and my father are very dyslexic. My brother was lucky enough to be diagnosed when he was 6 and was taught in a special dyslexia unit for 2 years to teach him how to adapt and learn to cope with how dyslexia made him see things. I know what a battle it was for him every day growing up to get through school. It always seemed so unfair to me as he was smarter than me but he had to do three times the amount of work I did in order to get half the grades. However he is lucky enough to have a great memory and learns things extremely quickly - when it is finally read. I cannot begin to comprehend how difficult it is to have Dyscalculia as well. I just struggle with right and left, and that little taster is enough for me to be grateful not to have fully blown dyslexia,let alone add in the same trouble with numbers.

    You are a real inspiration. I think your stubborness is something you share with my brother. It is something dyslexia must teach you, if you want to do something you just have to keep on going until you finally get it and if you give up you will never get anywhere.

    I doff my hat to you lady!

  2. Your yarn choices are gorgeous. Glad that you were able to get back on track and to not let your frustrations or confusions deter you. Lovely work!

  3. Hi I dont have dylexia but adhd and my struggles are with concerntration and focus. I understand alot obout your struggles with challenges and how you have overcome them, because I have to. Your an inspiration to anyone and a fantastic knitter I love the colours you chose.
    Im like you once I get the bit between my teeth I keep going until I get it right and never give up. It must be in our nature.

    Your interview you did with Sarah from cwtch was great I really enjoyed reading it and could relate to alot of what you said.

    Im so glad I found your blog from Sarah because its a great inspiring read.

  4. My brain just exploded with your little rendition of what the pattern said and what you wanted to do. Glad you were able to figure the pattern out... the crocheter in me is fighting the desire to understand knitting still, so that's my struggle. I'll get over it eventually. I think it's great that you are able to overcome your dyslexia to achieve the things you have. Your work is beautiful!

  5. Lovely lovely colours - Friday will be pretty, I just know it :)
    Although I don't have dyslexia, my brother and my sister both do - Good on you, this is challenging stuff!
    Hey, also - I still would love to watch your knitting video podcast if you ever get one up and running.... no pressure! Well, not much :)

  6. I haven't knit the Hitchhiker pattern yet, so I have no idea about those instructions, but it sounds rather complicated...


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