Monday, 28 May 2012

Snappy Happy Monday - 02

Morning Monday!

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend? A dear friend of mine got married this Saturday, and the weather has been perfect! It was such a special day, and she looked STUNNING!! - I do love a wedding :D

Weddings always leave me feeling loved up, and I had to get my wedding video out to reminisce, the children really loved watching it too! They couldn’t believe how much they have physically changed over the last 2.5 year. Your spot a picture with me and this weekend’s bride in my instagram feed, she along with my best friend Sabrina where bridesmaids at my wedding, My friend got engaged shortly after, and we have all been counting down the days until she took her turn. So wonderful to see her so happy, we wish them all the best for the future.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Baxter!

 This week in my instagram feed, i have been getting into the summer spirit, and faced a wardrobe drama, being a big breasted women, I find that sometimes it’s really hard to wear summer dresses, tops without having a huge cleavage on show, I brought a cotton maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins  (pictured in my feed) and felt disappointed that it was going to be another one for the “only wear in the house pile” but I got lots of lovely encouraging comments, and advice from a lot of awesome women, of which a few suggested I  go and  invest in some lacy cotton vest tops to wear underneath them! – Genius! Why didn’t I think of that!!!


Carrying on the summer feel, I crochet some daisy chains to wear with some of my long maxi skirts, I have added a tutorial to my blog ( which you can find on my tutorial page) and on Raverly, Ali from MACSCrochet has made some to go on her bicycle basket!! Cant Waite to see the FO!!

On family side of thing's this week, we took Phoenix to see a specialist at Portland hospital for his Asthma, which has gotten worse since Christmas, he has been put on a new treatment daily and we are seeing an allergy specialist to try and find out his triggers, we thought it was mainly virus related, but when he is admitted to hospital his temperature is always normal, which indicates otherwise.

This week we have also started potty training, and Phoenix did is first pee pee in the potty - very proud mummy moment!!

Other awesomeness moments last week, were cuddling mums baby kittens *aww* getting my nails done and my hair cut a little a shorter, hanging out with my mum..... oh and speaking to my instagram goks while trying to decide what colour shoes to wear with my wedding outfit! – What would I do without you guys!!

Have a super duper week every one :D


  1. She is a gorgeous bride! Lots of luck on potty training - my baby has a way to go before we get there. Hurray for Phoenix's first potty!!

    1. Thank you! he loves wearing a nappy so i am guessing it's going to be hard work lol

  2. I have enjoyed following you on instagram this week, I'm fairly new to it and its been lovely seeing your week unfold.
    Sorry to hear about phoenix's asthma it must be so hard for you all.

    Thanks also for the recommendation of the book, I started to read fifty shades of grey this week and its trashy but addictive & intriguing to say the least.

    thank you for the inspiration :)

    1. Your most welcome!!, thank you for your lovely comment! really made me smile :D xx

  3. I just love your blog, and following you on instagram. Loving the photos of your yarn and knitting, and crochet. I'm going to attempt those daisies for my girls this week.

    My kids have asthma too. It's hard watching them suffer. Hopefully you can get an answer to what his triggers are soon. Glad your weekend was filled with so much happiness!

    1. Thank you so much :D come say hello on instagram :D

    2. I have...I'm mahoganywaymama ;)


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