Thursday, 10 May 2012

No Stress reapering - A Beginners Guide while I was working on my Pogona, I kept having moments of  mass destruction erm i mean distraction { soo..nothing new there}, and suddenly I would look down and realise I had kept purling in a section that required knit stitch, or vise versa and even at one point I was knitting backwards!! yes i am special!!

 Now I loath Ripping back my work, and normally I go out of my way to avoid it, so I taught myself how to rip back stitch by stitch, which really comes in handy, when you’re working on projects like the Pogona that have small sections of both knit and purl. {and of course you only have a small section that needs Reapering!!}
So here is my photo guide of how to do it, I know most of you will know how to do this already, but maybe it will be of some help for crafters who are just beginning their journey into the wonderful  world of knitting.

Edit - Just found out that Reapering {which is my name for it hehe} is actually called Tinking! which is "Knit" backwards!! - Cool huh!!

First set of Photographs are showing how to rip back a stitch Purl wise!
You can see in the above photo that purl stitch have a "Nose" {or bump if that's what you like to call it} where as the knit stitch is flat and has a "bum"{the bump is on other side of work}
Purl wise your be inserting your needle in front and underneath, once you have the stitch back on your left needle, don't be scared to pull it a part a little, so you can see whats going on.

Now slip the stitch off your right needle, don't be scared you wont drop a stitch as it is secured now on your left needle!!

Now Pull your working yarn, and that stitch on your left is ready to be "worked again!"

Continue in the same way, until you have corrected your mistake {i normally have 5 or 6 to do lol}

Remember to put your working yarn to the back before you knit or you will create a YO! {yarn over}

OK so now i am going to show you how to rip stitch by stitch knit wise.

Knit wise your be inserting your needle in the back of your stitches, in to the "bum" {or what ever you want to call it, nose and bum is easy for me to remember lol}

So your doing exactly the same as purl wise but in reverse!!

And there you have it!! No stress Reapering!!! :D

{ Bet my uneven messy lines stressed some of you out though :P}



  1. Crochet Zombie10 May 2012 at 16:01

    For some reason I have always called that "tinking back" Really handy to know if you knit lace.

  2. Nod, I think a lot of peopke call it "tinking", it's "knit" backwards :) This method saves me a lot of headache.

    Great tutorial!

    1. Cool i never even knew it had a name! will add it to the post :D

  3. Your pic-tutorial is great - that's exactly how I tink back stitches. I love the colorful projects you used as "models" :-)

  4. Very helpful to see it visually, thanks!


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