Friday, 11 May 2012

FO and Creative Friday - Rainbow Pogona

Hello Friday and Hello sunshine!!!

 Today has been one of them days, that started out great, but gradually got worse!, my friend came round, and somehow lost her car keys, and we have spent ALL DAY looking for them. And they seem to have vanished in to thin air!! We have pulled apart my workshop and searched every corner of my garden. But nothing!!, hoping they will reappear this weekend, as she lives 30mins away and needs her car for work..{naughty little elf’s!!!}

Anyway….I want to show you my Pogona!..The yarn is one of my hand dyed Rainbow Fantasy skeins.

Isn’t it pretty!!, I really love the colours. Only negatives are that I cast off way to tight, and I underestimated how long it was, as I didn’t want to make a shawl but a scarf, it could do with being a lot longer.{ Never mind as I will be making one again!!}

Oh and yesterday I posted a tutorial on No stress Reapering {tinking backwards} a technique I find myself using a lot, may be of some use to a few of you :D
Right I have to go pack for London, hope you all have a fantastic weekend: D

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  1. Love the fabulous rainbow colors. Is this your yarn? Hope the keys show up. I'm sure they will (once you stop looking for them!). Happy weekend.

  2. The Pogona turned out really lovely! I bet if you kick back with a drink or some snacks and stop looking for the keys - they'll turn up, but hopefully before she needs them to get home :)

  3. It is lovely! I hope your friend finds her keys!

  4. Oh, I hope the keys show up. That is absolutely beautiful - the colours are mesmerising and it looks like such a pretty knit!

  5. Beautiful! I love the colours. It looks lovely with your hair colour :)

  6. I hope you find the keys! And gorgeous shawl, it looks really good on you

  7. Beautiful colours, you certainly have a real eye for them. Its a real burst of sunshine. Fingers crossed for the keys, nothing more frustrating!

  8. I love the colors, no, I'm crazy in love with the colors of your shawl. Such beauty!

  9. Beautiful (you and the knitting!)

    Excellent way to showcase your gorgeous yarn too :)


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