Friday, 25 May 2012

Crochet Daisy chain Tutorial

Hello Friday :D

  Isn’t the weather beautiful in the UK at the moment!!

Yesterday I felt the need to crochet some daisy, to wear around my head so that I could walk barefoot in the grass, these are really quick and easy to make, and not to mention cute!! And a great accessory for those who love vintage clothes!

I just improvised this pattern, so I am sure there are much better daisy patterns out there! But I wanted to wing it :D

Ok so you will need to know how to chain stitch and single crochet (or double if using UK) terms) Start by chaining 4, and them joining them in the round with a slip stitch, then chain one! And make 7 or 8 SC in to the centre of the round! Finish with a slip stitch into the first SC st you made.
Now you can BO off the yellow yarn if you like but I leave it and do both at the end.


 Join your white yarn chain 7 or 8 then join into the 1st SC with a slip stitch. Continue this all the way round, there is no fixed amount, till you reach the last one, BO with both yellow and white, if you hadn’t previous.

Once your happy with the amount of daisy’s, measure your head, I used some yellow yarn,, then using white make a chain equalling the same length, then sew your daisy’s on placing them at whatever  distantness  your happy with  ( I sewed them on close!)

And TA DA you have a daisy chain, that you can wear around your head, your neck, your feet..and pretty much anywhere else you want it too!! 
You don't have to stick to white and yellow! well have fun walking bare foot through the grass! or skipping in Meadows :D

Have a Fab weekend, xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing, they are so pretty! Ali x

  2. lovely idea im gonna have ago at this. Thanx

  3. Might just have to try crochet again, this seems simple enough to follow!

  4. What a lovely piece!! I really love this~

  5. What a fun project! I can totally see teaching a young daughter how to make those after she learns how to make them from flowers :-D

  6. Wow!!! That looks doable, even for a non-crocheter like me!!!
    Might just have to try that with my daughter!!!!

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