Thursday, 5 April 2012

How to - Cut an oinon

Ok so this may be common knowledge, but it wasn't to me until a few months ago!
One Evening i was hacking away at an onion, when I noticed my father in law standing in the door way with a horrified look upon his face, I will never forget it, he moved across the kitchen floor like a silent ninja, moved me literally aside, rolled up his sleeves, while muttering something about blunting the blade of the knife lol.

He then pulled out a fresh unharmed onion and proceeded to show me how to dissect the onion in a quick but precise and controlled manor, I was in awe!!  All these years I had been making the task so incredibly difficult for myself and wasted so much time especially as we eat onion with our dinner most nights, so now I will pass it on to you!

OK so you have your onion and a sharpe knife and your cutting board {mine is glass!}

You want to slice the top end off first leaving the bottom {root} intact.

Now with the root side on top make one slice from top to bottom

Now peel the layers off all the way round.

So now you should have a nice clean onion ready for dissecting.

OK so now you want to make slices from top to bottom all the way around the onion bearing in mind the wider the cuts the chunkier the onion pieces will be! but don't space them overly close as you don't want the onion to fall apart.

When you are happy with your spacing turn the onion on its side and slice away!!.

Keep slicing till you get all the way to the root, oh yes your find no waste here!!!

TA DA!! Diced onion!! quick, easy, and no mess!!!


  1. That's so clever! I don't know why I never thought of doing it that way. Next time I have to chop onions I'm going to give it a go!

    (p.s. in my head this comment reads as being really sarcastic. It's not, honest. I think it's a brilliant idea.)

  2. Looks good! I chop mine into quarters and throw it in my tupperware happy chopper, its fast and tear free :) (and no I don't sell tupperware, I just like it!)

    1. I like the sound of a tupperware happy chopper!!!

  3. This is a doubly cool story. I love it when valued life lessons come down from the older generation... It gives me hope that one day the daughters may listen to me!

  4. That is very clever! I'm going to try this next time I cook with an onion! I never make it through without tearing-up; maybe this is the key!

  5. It's scary when you see people with zero knife skills. I was lucky enough to have parents who were professional chefs, so knife skills were the first kitchen skill learned. Good on you, for educating others!

  6. Now that is a very clever idea! I always cut the ends of first and then slice it in half before chopping. Your way looks much better and I assume there would be far less tears?

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