Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter - weekend photo's

Happy Easter!

Hope you have all had a lovely long weekend! Here it has been pretty manic, but hay nothing new there! Lol

On Friday I had a date night with my Hubby, Mum kindly spent the night at ours, so we spent the night in Brighton on the coast, and treated ourselves to some seafood and wine, was a lovely chilled evening.
Me enjoying a much need glass of wine!

On Saturday, I woke up to the grossest breakfast ever!, Hubby had obviously ticked every option available on the breakfast menu when we stumbled in Friday night, as we both had fried egg, scrambled egg,  and poached egg among other rank items such as black pudding and tinned mushrooms! Just what you need when you’re about to head out and tackle the crowds to do a spot of shopping for your holiday..NOT!!

On Sunday I woke up to thousands of amazing pictures of Easter baskets, and adults dressed in giant bunny costumes, which made me feel very guilty about the crappy chocolate Easter eggs I brought the children! So I decide to remedy this , with some Easter crafting with them.

Egg blowing, while it seemed like an awesome idea, it left me out of breath, red in the face, and with a delicate stomach… after this weekend I don’t think I could ever eat another egg again!  Children really enjoyed it though; even Phoenix had a go at egg painting, till he crushed it in his hand! Lol
Today I went my mother in laws, for an Easter egg hunt, and the most amazing roast dinner ever!

I got to hang out with the crazy gang, and have three of them staying with me until Thursday.

Oh and i got to work on my Pogona, and taught myself to finally knit in Continental, but more about that another day!  In other crafty news ,i got a mention on Crafty Crafty for all my yarn photos on instagram which made me really smile as i LOVE Instagram! And i have also started up a group on Raverly by request called A Stash Addict Yarn so every one can share projects etc  so come join in the fun!! Even if you have not tried my yarn, you can see how it knits up!! And find out what other buyers think of it :D

Well I have suite cases to pack, bums and faces to wipe, so I shall love and leave you! xx

Ps Hope you like my new blog make over :D


  1. Love your new blog makeover. Great pic of you with your wine :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend minus the breakfast! And happy belated Easter!

  3. Glad you had a great Easter with your family! I've never tried egg blowing before, but maybe when we start decorating eggs with the little man I may try :)

  4. 3 types of egg on one plate, too much for anyone


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