Thursday, 26 April 2012

3KCBWDAY4 - A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?

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Using the FO Friday label on the side of my blog, I just had look at some of my knitted and crochet projects from last year, and I have put together a  little collection of pictures by colour, so please excuse the messy non matching borders.
 From this process I have learnt two things! I hardly have any pink featured in my projects, but I use it A LOT when dyeing yarn and I don’t have any “summer” knits, in the summer months last year I was mainly crocheting toys or sewing dresses from vintage pillow cases and fabric scraps, and restoring furniture.

Looking at the pictures I would say Autumn/winter as a season and colours wise is my favourite,to Knit for  because I wear a lot of mustard, browns rusty reds and burnt oranges.
This week I have learnt so much about myself! Because I would have said I was a knitter for all seasons! But clearly I am not lol, I would have also have thought that how I use colour would have changed with the seasons, but from looking at these pictures, I just use colours that take my fancy at any given time :D
This year i am going to add a "summer" knit to my list of goals!


  1. You've made such lovely things and the colours are all ones I would pick. I'm not sure I am a seasonal knitter or crocheter as I am totally frivolous and do whatever takes my fancy!

    I've so enjoyed this week of blogging too and it will definitely shape my future in crafting.

  2. What a fabulous collection of treasures you've created. Your color palette is so happy - I love it all.

  3. It really is amazing how much you realize about your crafting habits once you take the time and analyze what you've done thanks to Knitting & Crocheting blog week! Makes you think about if you care to "break" any of those habits and try something new!

  4. Everything is so pretty. I love your photography too. Oh and really nice boots, by the way!

  5. your little shoes are so cute

  6. I love your autumn colors! They look lovely on you, and it means all your FOs get used (in theory) :)
    Also, your collection of images is so pretty!

  7. What a great ollection of FOs! Yes to summer knits!

  8. It's amazing how much you can learn about yourself just by looking through old blog posts :).

  9. I learnt something from this topic too! I tend to knit for spring through to autumn but never for winter... unless I'm knitting for someone else :) I'm going to set a goal this year to have a winter woolly completed by autumn, just for me. I love your photos and the colours you work with are fab!


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