Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3KCBWDAY3 - Your Knitting or Crochet Hero

I will be honest I have struggled with this topic, because I don’t have a “hero” LOTS of people inspire me daily, through Blogs, Raverly and my much loved instagram feed which is the first thing I check when I open my eyes!

So I decided to write about the designers and bloggers who not only inspired but actually helped me work from a pattern!when i was starting out. {Excuse the messy Photos which will bug me for the rest of the day, because the shape and boarders don't match lol}

I have both Dyscalculia and Dyslexia, so when I first started out knitting again * , I just couldn’t get my head around the patterns, what with all the stitch counts and row numbers and increase numbers here and decreasing there, I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed.

Which is why I Love Aneeta Patel, her book the Knitty Gritty is perfect for beginners, the patterns and instruction are in such a simple format, that I was able to make my first knitted item!

Excuse the awful photo!!

Aneeta Patel learned to knit when she was about 5 years old by her right-handed aunt. This means that she knits right-handed even though she is actually left-handed!  It also means she has no barriers to teaching either left or right handed knitters. – How cool is that!!


Anneta also teaches classes in london and runs the web site knitting sos! Be sure to check her out.

My next designer has to be Emma Fassio her pattern the caponcho not only enabled me to produce a flawless FO  twice!! (a rarity even today lol), but it also introduced me to my knit pro inter-changeable needles which I covet massively and of course the magic loop!! Both of which changed the way I knit massively.

My Sister with her Caponcho!
My daughter with her Caponcho, which she still loves and wears.

Emma’s patterns are beautifully written, and her designs are stunning!! You should check them out!!

And I would like to give a mention to Sarah from Crafts of the Cwtch, who I am honoured to know in real life, Sarah is always on hand with words of encouragement, and from the start she has always answered my pleas and stilly questions without a hint of irritation lol.{Thank you Sarah xx}
Picture from Sarahs pattern page

Sarah is also a budding designer, and her pattern for Cwtchy armwarmers are perfect for a knitter new to cables! Her pattern is free and can be found on Raverly Here!

*And of course I have to mention my Great Granma Mini who taught me how to knit when I was 6, I used to love sitting beside her for hours with only the clicking of the needles breaking the silence.

Granma used to cast on my stiches and I would knit garter row after garter row! It was only when I decided to learn to knit again that I discovered that there was HUGE and exciting world beyond the garter stitch lol.

To Read more Blog posts about this topic Google 3KCBWDAY3
P.S Thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments of my photo entire yesterday! xx


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! Your perseverance despite dyslexia making it so difficult for you is a real inspiration. xxxx

  2. Thanks for pointing me towards these lovely designers - I haven't come across them before.
    I love the wee ponchos, very lovely!

  3. wow these designers are fantastic. I've come across Sarah before - and those arm warmers are simply lovely. as are the cute ponchos. have a knitty wednesday xxx

  4. Love your heroes! And your FOs are beautiful!

  5. looks like most of got taught by mum or granny, where would we be without them. Love the ponchos

  6. I had a Grandma Mini as well :-)

  7. That poncho looks so great, especially worn over the top of that flowing dress! I might have to steal some fashion pointers from your little girl!

  8. Oh oh it's you that made the GORGEOUS poncho! I searched and searched NM for that very picture because I want to make one! (I think I did actually find it in the end)

    I think that has to be my next project...yep yep yep!

  9. What a nice entry, very personal.

    Your ponchoes are beautiful, and the baby leg with boot absolutely adorable. :-)

  10. Great post, we are all inspired by many different people I think...wouldn't it be great to pass on all that inspiration to other people too!

    Love the ponchos!

  11. I'm learning so much this week. I realize there are plenty of designers out there to explore. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  12. Thanks for introducing me to these designers! I love the ponchos.

  13. What a fantastic post! You've done really well to overcome your challenges and now I have more designers to go and check out :)

  14. What a great post. I love how it further validates how welcoming and helpful our community is.
    You've made some terrific projects.


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