Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weekends Ramblings and Pictures

I am late posting this week, partly because of the awful hangover i have been getting over! But mostly because i have been busy dyeing and making mini skeins for the Etsy shop, which are just adorable.

This weekend I went to London with my hubby and a couple of friends for a night out,we had dinner, watch the sunset over London, it was really good, but wow am i suffering because of it! Can not handle my hangovers like i used to! {is that a sign of ageing or am i just whimp lol?}

while cleaning out the cupboards i found a hat i knitted for Phoenix before he was born, its a BASIC envelope hat with tassel's, which came out HUGE lol but it looks really cute on him now, and he seems to enjoy wearing it lol

I have not managed to get any knitting or Crochet done which kills me, as i REALLY want to work on my Pogona, but tonight will be spent making up more mini skeins,  which reminds me, i think will do a tutorial on how to use a niddy noddy, because last night i spent ages trying to work it out!! lol and i couldn't find any good visual instructions to help!

Will be back tomorrow with a sneak peek of the mini skeins xx

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