Friday, 23 March 2012

Lack of time management :(

No I have not dropped off of the face of the earth, I am just crazy busy at the moment! My lack of time management skills are very apparent and getting me down!! So if any one has any advice on how to pull my socks up and become a multi-tasking genius please I beg you, get in touch!!

if you follow me on Facebook and twitter, you would have already by now know that I am moving   
 A Stash Addict Yarn, into its own online shop, and will be stocking other products I use and love, such as knit pro and clover crochet hook, amongst other things. {Super excited about this!}

Because my multi-tasking skills are pretty non-existent, i just have not found the time to knit, or crochet or blog *crys* so while it wouldn’t most likely be a problem for the average person, to design a shop, write up content, retake Photos of all the yarn, dye yarn, make Mini skeins, contacting suppliers etc, at the same time as trying to tame a boisterous 2 year old and other mother and wifely duty’s ..It’s taking me AGES {ok it’s only been a week} but I am getting huge knitting withdrawals!

Don't get me wrong, I am not moaning about the "work" because I LOVE it, I just wish I wasn't so crap at everything else that is required of being a work at home mum!

There must be a brain training camp i can enlist myself on!!{ i am being totally serious!!} Because missing this vital part of my brain function makes everything twice as hard and takes twice as long!!!

Whoa this turned into a mini rant!!... hehehe.

I will be back soon :D xx


  1. Yes. Write lists, include everything; and then prioritize: what MUST be done today, what can be done tomorrow etc. Then Tomorrow's list becomes today's ... :-)

    1. See why don't i think of things!!! :S

      Thanks xx

  2. Oh dear, that does sounds like too much going on at once! I definitely recommend separating out the 'musts' from the 'wants', not only so that the essentials get done, but so that if you do have 5 minutes of time, you know exactly what you *want* to do with it, instead of having to dig something out and spending all your precious seconds doing that!

    In terms of practical time-management, Mark Forster has some excellent schemes and ideas that help you get in control of everything you need to do. I use a version of a couple of his systems (autofocus and Do It Tomorrow) and it's really helped me get on top of things.

    Hope you get some time to yourself too!

    1. Awesome Laura i will check Mark Forster out, at this point i am willing to try anything!! :D

      Thank you xx

  3. Good with the new shop, it's very exciting!


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