Friday, 16 March 2012

Fo and Creative Friday - Yarn Bomb

Hello Friday *waves excitedly*

Today i decided to do a bit of yarn bombing on my workshop *grins* i have had a stack of granny squares from when i started to learn how to crochet last year, just sat on the side looking all sad and neglected!

So i thought i would put them to good use and bomb the beam outside my workshop door!


Now i have a lovely view when i look out of my window, and the granny squares look happy :D
Have a lovely weekend every one!


  1. Now that's inspired! They seem to have been made for that post!

  2. LOVE! They look so cheerful!

  3. I love it! I love the way stuff looks covered in knitting. Of course I do though! I really want to yarn bomb a few things in my neighborhood this year to brighten it up ;)

  4. You're right the granny squares look happy!

  5. Look at that, it's brilliant! I love pink and turquoise together but would never have thought to actually decorate a building with it.....

  6. That's a really creative idea! I love the way it turned out and adds a great bit of color to the exterior :)


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