Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How i Make...

Stitch Markers
Tonight I have been making more stitch markers so I thought I would show you how I make them :D
So I have my wire, my beads, some round nose pillars and a crochet Hook
*wire- I can’t for the life of me, remember the thickness I brought, but you don’t want it to thick as it’s hard to shape, and you don’t want it to thin, that it will bend out of shape easily.
**Beads – seed beads are the best shape and size to hook the left over metal round, and I think give a nice finish to your stitch marker.
***Ball nose pillars – you can get these in both hardware and hobby stores, these pillars are great for shaping your markers, without cutting the actual wire.
****Crochet hook – (you can use needles) I use mine so I know what size needles my markers are going to fit :D

Ok so to start with you take your length of wire, and crochet hook and make a loop
Use your pillars to twist the wire, this bit can be tricky! but once you get going it's super easy!

I twisted mine to the end, but you can also cut one part of the wire further up so it's hidden under the bead. {which is neater}

Now add your beads, this is the fun part :D
End with your seed bead, making sure you have enough wire left over, if it is to long then cut to size.

Now with your pillars bend the remaining wire over the side of your seed bead to secure, if the wire is long enough you can poke the end into the decorative bead, in this case the flower to stop the wire end from snagging.

To make crochet markers I use earring hooks, that you can buy online or from a hobby store!
 It really is that easy!! And not forgetting fun!! If you make any be sure to post them on my facebook page so we can Admire them :D
Oh and any questions just ask! xx



  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I love buying fun stitch markers but I have been thinking of making my own for a while now. I used to love stuff like that! I thought I could probably figure it out on my own but having this photo guide is much easier :)

  2. Thank you! I have been looking for some markers. Maybe I will give this a go some time.

  3. love love love!!!!! definitely going to do this!!! Thanks!

  4. I've been wondering how people make stitch markers but always thought it would be really hard! I'll have to try this sometime

  5. beautiful, thanks for sharing the tutorial...

  6. They turned out beautiful! And so easy! Of course, another hobby might put me over the edge!

  7. I've always just used jump rings or safety pins but customized stitch markers are so much cooler!!


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