Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {11-01-12} Peacock

Hello Wednesday *waves*
If you read my weekends ramblings, then you would have already learnt that my house has been plagued with illness, and even though that sucks, and I had big blogging plans, it has given me ample catch up time with my peacock cardigan :D
As you can see from photo’s I just have the front of the left side to complete, then on to the rib edging and button holes.
I have also made a start on my Blythe Customising, and because I know Blythe isn’t for everyone {she is a bit like marmite lol} I have started a new blog called A Stash Addict and Blythe. Where I will share my progress, and tutorials on how to customise your own dolls, from face carving to re-re-rooting with mohair, and also sewing and knitting projects for them.. {oh and I have three more Blythe and two Hujoo dolls {BJD} on the way, one of which will be turned into a fairy, with wings and all :D}
Have a lovely day everyone, I am going to try snuggle with my little Phoenix and Giant Ted while I catch up at Tamis


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