Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - {04-01-12} The New Year

Hello Wednesday  *waves excitedly* Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! And I wish you all a Happy New year!!
To be honest I didn’t manage to get a lot of Knitting over the Christmas break, but I did get “some” done so I am quite pleased with that!
I have mainly been focusing on Sophia’s peacock cardigan, as I REALLY want to get both the peacock and the muse finished ASAP {Sophia is also getting rather impatient lol}
My last WIP round up before Christmas can be found here, as you can see from the last progress picture I have managed to get a quite a bit more done, so I am happy with that.
Will also have learnt from my last round up that I brought a load of DPNs to conquer my fear of them, the Hexipuff that I started has been frogged as I decide that the yarn was far to yummy, and needs to be worn, not sat on lol.
So I started a new one using my 10cm knit pros, but because I had far too much wine on that particular evening, I have somehow reversed the stiches and now have a few rows of garter {I KNOW lol} so that has to be frogged, but to be honest I am no that fussed as for me I am just using the hexipuff as a start point to get comfortable working with more than two needles :D  
The last WIP that I am going to talk about today is the cross stitch square that I brought from hobby craft BEFORE Christmas, now I am particularly feeling rather proud of myself, because I have avoided these and anything else with a chart for YEARS!! Because maths is a very weak point for me, I have Dyscalculia  and find it hard to visualise numbers in my head, when looking at the charts beforehand I just automatically told myself I wouldn’t be able to do it, which I realise now, was incredibly silly and typical of me.
If you read my Crafting goals post then you would already know that I am setting out this year to literally KICK myself out of my comfort zone! And teaching myself how to read and work from Knitting/ Crochet Chart is one of the Goals
So I thought ok, it’s a nice small project it’s not knitting or crochet BUT it’s a chart!! lol, I will be honest my eyes even glazed over as I took out the packet and tried to make sense of the instructions, once I found the centre {and mine} got that first stitch in , took a deep breath I realised ok I can do this its only counting :D {And thankfully I CAN count lol} and actually its quite fun! And the crosses are quite pretty, feels like with each one I am giving myself little kisses :D
So yes feeling rather good, that I have pushed myself in the right direction!! *self-high Fives*
With all my craft goals in mind I went on a amazon book spending spree and in the next few days I will have quite a few knitting books to keep me inspired and hopeful teach me some stuff :D
·         Toe-up-2-at-a-time socks by Melissa morgan-oakes
·         Getting started knitting sock by Ann Budd
·         Easy guild to cable knitting by lynn Watterson
·         The essential guide to colour knitting by Margaret Radcliffe
·         The knitting Answer book by Margaret Radcliffe
·         The crochet Answer book by Edie Eckman
·         Adorable Knits for tiny tots by Zoe Mellor
·         Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger
·         Vampire Knits {squeee really excited by this one!!}
Will give a review of all the books , once I have read them :D
Right well that’s it from me today, need to head into town and replenish my fridge and cupboards with non crappy calorific foods!! {New Year, New diet and all that Jazz!}
Have a fantastic day everyone!!! xx


  1. Love that peacock cardigan, the colours are fabulous. I am on a cleaning mission this week, but in the next couple of weeks I'm going to give those DPNs a go myself!

  2. That's quite a book haul! I'm jealous! Don't frog your garter puff yet, I had the same problem, but it was just inside out. Try a few more rounds and see if flipping it inside out works. Cheers!

  3. Yay cross stitch! Good to see someone else posting about their cross stitch adventures. I can't wait to see how you progress!

  4. Love the cardigan and am so impressed with your cross stitch - I never have the patience. I really loved Toe-up 2-at-a-Time Socks and the Easy Guide to Cable Knitting, so I'm sure you will have a great time reading and knitting!

  5. This post made me smile. I LOVE the vampire knits book, although I have yet to make anything from it.

    I have also not yet successfully managed a hexipuff. I either end up with a tangled mess or I have holes near my cast on edges... And I can do dpns to knit socks, I should be able to do it.

  6. The cardi is looking BEAUTIFUL!
    And good call, starting with a small counted cross stitch project- my aunt bought me one ages ago, and it was a total flop (I passed it on to my mom, who loves cross stitch. I'm sticking to my yarn.)

  7. Getting started on toe-up socks is the hardest part of working with DPNs and you already seem to have conquered that, so I don't think anything can hold you back now!

  8. Your cardigan is going to be awesome!

  9. Those colors are amazing, as a fellow stash addict I'm your newest follower!

  10. The cardie looks great and yay for cross stitch, it's one of my favourite crafts. You might be doing this deliberately, but the pattern looks to me like you should be stitching crosses on every row rather than every other row. If you know that, then just ignore me!


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