Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Weekend Ramblings and Pictures ~ Plagued

Our house has been plagued with Tonsillitis,and with all five of us ill, all the big plans I had for this week have gone out the window! *big sigh*
so...Instead here are some pictures from the weekend.LOL
My friend Lucie {on right} and I at my hubby's party
The cake I had made for Hubby :D
Hungover cuddles with Giant Teddy, that we brought home for Phoenix
Phoenix trying to carry giant teddy, he kept falling on to it :D
Last Giant Teddy Picture!  lol
Sophia having Snuggles on her giant dog looking all ill.
Lastly a little dress, Sophia cut out of felt, and then needle punched with fibre and used her machine to sew together, she also made her first pattern template :D

I have on the other hand made loads of progress with my peacock cardigan, which I will be back tomorrow for Work In Progress Wednesday :D
I have also been working on my Blythe, but i know people get creeped out by them, so I have started a New Blog to share my customising adventures and patterns :D for those are interested


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