Thursday, 19 January 2012

Taking a stand Against SOPA & PIPA

Button designed by the very cute and oh soo lovely  Becky Farley

Inspired by Becky i have made my own button to show my Support! you can find my button in my side bar, and your welcome to use my button on your site {or why not design your own!)

 If your from the UK and want to understand how SOPA and PIPA will effect you, i have added a few links for you to read!!

If your from the USA you can follow this link and sign the petition takeaction {i have tired to sign it but you need a vaild Zip code}

Worldwide Petition!!! {Thanks Meeni for the link :D xx}

 To sum things up, if your an avid user of google, blogger, wordpress, flickr, twitter, pinterest, and my Fav instagram! this will effect you :(


  1. We need to make a stand, great post!
    Here is a link to a worlwide petition

  2. Thanks for sharing the petition! I am in the USA and just signed it on behalf of both of us.

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I'm so happy to see many people speaking out about SOPA.

    1. Your welcome Marie, we need to stand united!


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